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On March 17, the domestic plastic market analysis summary

core tip: the market quotation is stable and consolidated, most merchants operate according to the market, the overall construction of the downstream is still low, mainly purchasing on demand, and the overall trading is cautious. It is expected that the market will consolidate in a narrow range in the near future

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:48): 46.03 down 0.1

● international oil prices continued to fall on the 16th

Reuters reported that the United States and Iran reached a political agreement closer, which will lay the foundation for reaching an Iranian nuclear agreement and eliminating sanctions against Iran, although differences between the two sides still exist. Iran said that once the sanctions were lifted, Iran would increase oil exports, and the Iran nuclear talks put pressure on the market atmosphere. At the same time, the continuous increase in crude oil inventories in Cushing also weighed on the market. International oil prices continued to fall on the 16th, The price of crude oil futures in New York closed down by US $0.96 "but in the Chinese market, yuan, at US $43.88/barrel. The price of Brent crude oil futures closed down by US $1.23, at US $53.44/barrel.

[today's news]

● PVC transparent plastic pipes are widely used in industry, construction and agriculture

rigid PVC pipes and fittings are among many PVC products, showing a trend of rapid growth in China, and are also the largest variety of plastic pipes in consumption. After the publicity and promotion of PVC pipes in China in recent years, especially the support of relevant national policies, the production and application of PVC pipes have made great progress. The output of PVC pipes has accounted for more than 50% of the total output of plastic pipes, and is widely used in industry, construction, agriculture and many other industries

● Qilu plastic factory achieved a good level of energy conservation in a single month

in February, the fuel and power consumption per unit product of Qilu Petrochemical plastic factory was 276.35 kg standard oil/ton, 21.65 kg standard oil/ton lower than the company's monthly assessment value of 298.0 kg standard oil/ton, a year-on-year decrease of 16.35 kg standard oil/ton, a decrease of 5.59%, the largest monthly decline in the same period in recent years

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends: Maoming Petrochemical PE old high voltage was converted to production, the new high voltage was shut down on March 9 as planned, the full density device was converted to dnda7144, and the high density device was shut down on March 9 as planned

● PP Petrochemical trends: line a of YPC 1pp unit was converted to j340, and line B was converted to F401 on March 15; 2PP plant is converted to ppb-m30-vh. The capacity of line a/b of 1pp device is 70000 tons respectively, and the capacity of 2PP is 200000 tons

● PVC Petrochemical trends: about 50% of the PVC plant in Huarong, Chengdu, Sichuan is started, and the 5-type electric stone delivered in Sichuan is accepted at 5400 yuan/ton, with a preferential transaction

● production enterprises are affected by environmental protection control. Big PS Petrochemical dynamics: Fujian Hongrun (former Fangxing) PS plant has been operated with one penetration and one change, with good quality, good brand and good service. It has been restarted in Jinan benzene line since February 18. The price is stable. Benzene 635 is quoted at 9000 yuan/ton, and benzene 655 is quoted at 9900 yuan/ton. The recent shipment is acceptable

● ABS Petrochemical trends: the listing price of CNPC East China ABS stabilized, with 0215a reporting 11600 yuan/ton, 750A reporting 11850 yuan/ton, GE150 reporting 11450 yuan/ton, 0215asq reporting 11450 yuan/ton, and 0215h premium products reporting 11500 yuan/ton

● pet Petrochemical trends: the price of Yizheng Chemical fiber polyester bottle chip is reduced by 100 yuan/ton, the price of water bottle material, oil bottle material and hot filling is reported to be 7300 yuan/ton, the short delivery is reported, and the price of carbonic acid is 100 yuan/ton, mainly through solid negotiation

[plastic early evaluation and prediction]

● PE early evaluation: yesterday, some market prices rose slightly, most petrochemical enterprises offered stable prices, traders were calm, and some of them followed the trend. The downstream manufacturers are still weak in receiving goods, and the transaction volume has not been increased yet, and the market trading atmosphere is light. Market reference: Shunde market prices rose narrowly. Mao 7042 tax free yuan/the method of determining Lu is: closely connect the two sections of the sample after fracture at the fracture: ton; Hebei market price was slightly sorted out, and 2426h/2426k was quoted at 10100 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will be slightly sorted out today

● PP early review: yesterday's market quotation was adjusted in a narrow range, and the ex factory price of petrochemical was stable, which formed a certain support for the market. Merchants follow the market, the quotation changes little, the market inquiry atmosphere is general, and the transaction is flat. The construction of downstream manufacturers has gradually increased, but the number of procurement sources is limited. Local market reference: Changzhou market quotation weak finishing, Shenhua/China coal l5e89 reported 8300 yuan/ton; Lanzhou market prices rose, and Lanhua T30S reported 8100 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will rise partially today

● PVC morning review: yesterday, the market was sideways, and the inquiry was light. Merchants actively ship goods at the expense of profits, and negotiate more transactions. Downstream manufacturers' demand is light, and they often keep the way of taking with you, so the overall trading atmosphere of the market is general. Market quotation reference: the market price in Shanghai is stable, and the quotation of ordinary electric stone is yuan/ton; Shandong's market is stable, and the ordinary electric stone is at yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be stable today

● PS morning review: yesterday, the overall market situation continued to remain stable, and individual quotations fell slightly. Affected by the continued decline of crude oil, the industry is in a low mood, mainly waiting for the market, and the actual operation is cautious. At present, the downstream purchases on demand, and the overall trading performance of the market is average. Reference of local market conditions: Dongguan market fell partially, Guangzhou 525 fell 20 yuan to 8230 yuan/ton; The trading atmosphere in Ningbo market was quiet, and Leiden 525 reported 9100 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market quotation may decline today

● ABS morning review: yesterday, the market trend was generally stable, and the quotation of individual brands fell slightly. Traders operate according to the market and focus on watching carefully. The downstream demand side is general, the buying follow-up is poor, and the overall trading atmosphere of the market is general. Market quotation reference: Shantou market quotation slightly weakened, 0215a fell 50 yuan to 10700 yuan/ton; Ningbo market quotation fell narrowly, 757 fell 100 yuan to 12800 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will fall steadily today

● PET bottle and chip early review: PTA futures opened low and went low yesterday, and the polyester bottle and chip market fell by about 100 yuan/ton. At the beginning of the week, there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, coupled with the intraday volatility of crude oil and PTA, and there was a lack of buying gas on the floor, so few transactions were heard. At present, the quotation in East China is up to yuan/ton, and the actual negotiation is close to 6900 yuan/ton; The quotation in South China is yuan/ton, and the negotiation favors yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the decline in the bottle tablet market today will be difficult to change

● early review of pet waste recycling: yesterday, the overall market of recycled bottles and chips was weak and the trading atmosphere was poor. The international crude oil continued to decline, and the new material offer fluctuated downward, suppressing the trading atmosphere of recycled chemical fiber. At present, although the supply of recycled bottles and chips is not large, the downstream recycled chemical fiber production and marketing pressure is large, and the factory starts less than 50%, and the manufacturer's raw material purchasing mentality is poor. The reference price of Dahua cold water plain white tablets in North China market is yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will remain weak and volatile

[waste market news]

after the Spring Festival, most of the waste markets in various regions are in a state of rest. Therefore, the following waste plastic offers in various regions are pre holiday prices for reference only


● Fuzhou LDPE granulation market offer is down, and the reference price: Baitou level 1, down 300; Level II general white, down 200

● Henan high pressure beer bag granulation market narrow plate. Offer reference: the mainstream offer of white semi transparent beer bag particles is yuan/ton; The main stream of blue particles is reported as yuan/ton. The reference purchase price of waste beer bags is yuan/ton


● the market atmosphere of recycled PP crushing materials in Laizhou is limited. Lychee basket high-quality crushing (can be directly put on the machine) and variegated high-quality crushing (floating water, injection molding)

● Linyi recycled PP crushing material market is very wait-and-see: ordinary crushing materials for medical vials (which can be granulated directly on the machine, including water), cannot be granulated


● Baoding Recycled PVC market offer is firm: white transparent high-quality particles, translucent ordinary particles, opaque black particles

● there are few downstream inquiries in the PVC soft material market in Suqian, Jiangsu Province. For reference: 4300 dry broken materials of blue greenhouse film, 4000 dry broken materials of white greenhouse film, 4000 white sand film


● Wen'an ABS recycled motorcycle shell material market just needs support plate, reference: Motorcycle shell Beige granulation yuan/ton, paint fading broken material purchase price yuan/ton

● Jinan PS recycled material market mentality is unstable. Reference: the refrigerator is lined with titanium white. The first grade high-quality broken material is reported as yuan/ton, and the second grade (air conditioning shell, etc.)

engineering plastics

● Cixi recycled PET bottle chip market is weak, and the price of filament grade cold water blue and white chip is yuan/ton. The price of local recycled filament fell, and the purchase price of raw materials in chemical fiber plants fell accordingly

● Hebei Jinyi chemical fiber factory bottle tablet gas buying Co., Ltd.: ordinary cold water imitation Dahua plain white tablets are reported at about 5000 yuan/ton, and cold water plain blue tablets are 4600 yuan, both including tax. The manufacturer's purchasing mentality is temporarily stable, and the actual order depends on the goods for negotiation

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