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Analysis and treatment of network problems in electronic publishing system

in the process of using the network, daily maintenance is essential. By analyzing the problems that often occur in the use of the network, determining several key points of daily maintenance, and carrying out targeted key maintenance, it will greatly reduce the workload of network maintenance, and correspondingly reduce the frequent occurrence of other network faults. And focus 2 Provide the maintenance methods of automobile original paint, automobile exhaust catalyst and other products for 1 automobile group and 1 automobile Volkswagen to carry out system maintenance, which can be completed by ordinary operators

I. card driver problem

current cards are generally self-adaptive and easy to install. After plugging into the machine, restart the system where the price of rare earth was stable and rising last week. New hardware can be found. After configuring the corresponding parameters according to the installation tips, it can be used normally. However, sometimes the system can't find the card or there is a fault. Generally, there are the following situations:

1. Some cards are not friendly to plug and play support or don't support it at all. Sometimes the system can't find the card. At this time, you can run the card's own drive disk, set the card mode to auto, or manually configure "interrupt request" and "input/output range", restart the system, and generally solve the problem

2. There is an item "PCI Ethernet card" in the "other devices" of the system. Delete this item and restart it

3. The previous installation was normal, but the card could not be found after reinstalling the system. Repeatedly refreshing the device list or restarting the system still cannot solve the problem. If the card has no fault, you can change it to another slot and restart it

4. the card can be found, but there is an exclamation point in front of the network device in the list of abnormal devices. Note whether there is an item of "PCI Ethernet card" in the "other devices" of the system. If so, delete this item together with the "network adapter" and restart it. If not, you can check its "interrupt request" and "input and output range", run its own driver or system configurator, and change its configuration

in addition, it may be caused by too many additional devices in the system. You can change the loading sequence of the system, or temporarily shield the devices that cause resource conflicts to see whether the problem can be solved. It may also be caused by the destruction of the network protocol. Delete it and reload it

second, the problem of access speed

the speed of a local computer accessing the local area through the "upper neighbor" method is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. This phenomenon is generally caused by the specific connection method of the network transmission line or electromagnetic interference

the connection method of the network transmission line can be "100m connection", the first pin is connected to yellow and white, the second pin is connected to yellow, the third pin is connected to green and white, the fourth pin is connected to blue, the fifth pin is connected to blue and white, the sixth pin is connected to green, the seventh pin is connected to brown and white, and the eighth pin is connected to brown. The two ends of the twisted pair are connected one by one. If some of the pins are interchanged during the connection, the phenomenon of "crosstalk" may occur, making the network data unable to flow normally, resulting in the phenomenon of fast and slow. If you connect according to the correct "100 times the number of test pieces, use" pieces "and" batches "to represent the mega connection method", the fault can be eliminated

III. resource sharing problem

the computer on the local area is abnormal to access through the "upper neighbor", the main manifestations and solutions are as follows:

1. You can see yourself, but you can't see others

causes and solutions: ① line connection failure or line itself has problems; ② Module or switch failure or connection problem; ③ TCP/IP protocol loading failure - whether internal IP address and sub mask are assigned. Check the above three places in turn, and then plug in or replace the relevant equipment

2. You can see others, but you can't see yourself

the solution is: select "control panel - Network - file and print sharing" in turn, and check the check box of "allow other users to access my file". If there is no "file and print sharing", you can choose "add → service → share files on Microsoft Network with printers", and repeat the previous operation

3. you can see others and yourself, but you cannot access the shared resources of the server

causes and solutions: no legal user name and password are used to log in to the network. Restart the computer, set the user name and password correctly, log in the network, and then you can access the resources of the server

4. nothing can be seen

may be caused by incorrect network login. Can check: ① whether the card is easy to use; ② Whether the card is driven normally; ③ Whether the line connection is correct or whether there is a problem with the line itself; ④ Whether the module or switch itself is faulty or whether there is a problem with the connection. Check and eliminate the faults in turn

IV. proxy server problem

for some electronic publishing systems, such as the network system for newspaper publishing, because it needs to download a large amount of information on the Internet, multiple microcomputers on the network need to be installed, so it needs to use a proxy server. During use, Internet may not be accessible through local software proxy server. The reasons are as follows:

1. Server agent software problem. If the corresponding service port is occupied by other software, it can be solved by changing the port value; Service permissions are not given to users, or corresponding services are not configured at all, or some services are restricted, which can be reconfigured; If the agent software is out of date or the version is too low, you can find the high version software and registration code on

2. If the client browser itself is faulty or incorrectly configured, try another browser or reconfigure it; The client software is out of date or the version is too low, which can be solved by software upgrade; If it is the local area connection failure of the client, it can be solved by referring to the above-mentioned relevant methods

3. The current network connection is too slow or the corresponding services of some site servers on the Internet are incomplete or faulty. In this case, we have to wait patiently

in addition, we should also pay attention to the following issues in the process of using the network: using "public message publishing", we can share the client software configuration instructions, IP address allocation, common tool software, network common fault answering and other information on the Internet, which can promote the popularization of network knowledge and reduce the amount of maintenance. Using some network software in the network can realize the functions of WWW, FTP, mail, ICQ, etc. in the local area, so that operators can be familiar with Internet in the local area, and promote the communication between each other and office automation. "Firewall" must be installed in the network. In order to control network intrusion and the destruction and spread of viruses, the installation and timely update of network firewall and anti-virus software is one of the very necessary maintenance means. At the same time, some routine maintenance of electronic equipment should also be strengthened, such as ensuring that the equipment has a good operating environment

the above problems are common problems in the process of network use and the focus of daily maintenance of operators. At the same time, we can also see that the maintenance of seemingly complex network system is a very simple thing as long as we grasp the key points. (author: Shu Zhong)

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