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The 2011 academic seminar of "International Engineering Research Association of Sinomach" was held in Beijing

from October 10 to 11, the 2011 academic seminar of "International Engineering Research Association of Sinomach" was held in Beijing. Secretary Li Yanjiang attended the meeting, president Xu Jian made an important speech, and Vice President Xie Biao made a keynote speech. More than 50 people attended the meeting, including heads of relevant departments and offices of the group headquarters, major leaders of engineering contracting enterprises, business managers and relevant legal and financial staff

president Xu Jian made important instructions in his speech on implementing the national "going global" strategy, developing foreign project contracting and investment business, and how to better carry out research work. He pointed out that Sinomach group is the main force in implementing the "going global" strategy. Since 2002, Sinomach group has completed a total turnover of more than US $16 billion in the field of overseas engineering contracting business only. Especially during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the income of the engineering contracting sector has nearly tripled, achieved sustained and rapid development, and formed its own unique five advantages. He stressed that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the group company should continue to strengthen the implementation of the "going out" strategy and implement the "three senses and four measures" proposed by Chairman Ren Hongbin. The project contracting business sector should take "based on the big industry, seize the big opportunities, shape the big pattern, build a big platform, undertake the big, and realize the big development" as the guiding ideology. In the next five years, the international engineering contractor with power engineering as the core will gradually develop into a world-class regional comprehensive service provider. However, with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, modern industrialization will develop

At the seminar, Xie Biao's keynote speech entitled "thinking and understanding of overseas regional development business" attracted everyone's keen attention. The specially invited expert, China Aviation Technology pressure blasting experimental machine, is mainly used for pressure and blasting of heat exchange equipment such as heaters, coolers, evaporators, condensers, etc. Mr. Wang Yuliang of international engineering company gave a wonderful lecture on "foreign regional development cooperation and foreign project contracting"

the symposium was fruitful, with 23 papers received, and 18 participants made wonderful exchange reports on this year's research theme "overseas regional development, block development and investment projects". The participants also put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions on the "international engineering project development model", "risk identification and response", "value chain analysis and cost control" and other related contents

it is understood that the "International Engineering Research Association of Sinomach" was established in August 2010 and is the first in China. The establishment of the Research Association has built a platform for relevant enterprises and personnel of the group company to discuss and exchange and promote business development. In the past year, the number of Council units of the Research Association has increased to 20, and the number of members has increased to 95; We organized a series of research activities and achieved remarkable results: four issues of "special column of Sinomach" were held in the Journal of international engineering and labor, and 24 research papers were published publicly; Published the book "the total profits and taxes of international engineering and project management is about 200million yuan"; Collected and sorted out the "compilation of China's development of foreign economy and implementation of" going global "strategic policies"; It organized field research and other activities in three countries in Southeast Asia. The work of the Research Association has been carried out vividly. Finding the decisive factor that determines the performance and precision of the experimental machine is the key to improve the working efficiency and quality of the experimental machine. The influence of Sinomach group has caused good repercussions within the group and in the industry

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