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On June 20, 12 academicians and authoritative experts and professors (4) gathered in Nanjing to investigate the major scientific and technological innovation project of State Grid Corporation of China, Jiangsu electric power safety and stability real-time early warning and coordination defense system, which was put into trial operation that morning, and listened to the report on the research and development and the trial operation of the instrument through the large LCD screen. Academicians and experts believe that the completion and operation of this system marks a major breakthrough in the key technology of power safety and stability control in China, fills the gap in this field in the world, and describes a brilliant stroke in the history of world power

at present, the total installed capacity of Jiangsu is 53.81 million KW, which is equivalent to the size of a medium-sized country in Europe. However, the larger the electricity is, the greater the safety risks and accident losses it faces

after a serious failure of the large immovable power, it is often manifested in the sharp overload of the power generation and transmission equipment at the sending end. Due to the lack of power supply that they will not try with a real gun, the voltage and cycle will drop significantly. As a result, such as the "domino effect", the electricity will collapse in more than ten seconds or even a few seconds

Jiangsu electric power company summed up many years of experience and took the initiative to cooperate with Nanjing Automation Research Institute of State Grid Corporation of China. It took more than two years to innovate and successfully develop the Jiangsu electric power safety and stability real-time early warning and coordination defense system with independent intellectual property rights, taking the lead in overcoming the cutting-edge technology of electric power safety control, and realizing the revolution that the main means of chain fault emergency control has changed from manual scheduling to intelligent control since the formation of electric power

the system is mainly composed of four parts: dispatching center station, control master station, control sub station and execution station. In case of emergency control of multi-point faults in different places, it can analyze and judge at the speed of milliseconds, and automatically adjust the electric operation mode. The machine cutting and load limiting are implemented at the same time to prevent the electric collapse caused by the chain expansion of faults

at the same time, the system can minimize the scope of power supply, give priority to ensuring relevant political, military and social stability, and formulate and implement new national standards for polyurethane waterproof coating for national planning, which has become a top priority for users with a significant impact on people's livelihood, and determine the priority of recovery

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