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Analysis and Thinking on the localization of urban rail transit power supply system equipment

this paper was completed in early 1999. Based on the equipment status at that time, the localization of urban rail transit power supply equipment was analyzed. Judging from the situation at that time, except for the DC fast switch, other equipment basically achieved localization. The main purpose of publishing this paper at that time was to accelerate and promote the localization process of DC fast switch. The article once asserted: "the DC fast switch will definitely realize localization, and this gap in national industry will be filled by people of insight. This day will not be too far away!". Now this good wish is about to become a gratifying reality

in April and November 2001, Shanghai Xinlian DC Appliance Co., Ltd. (reformed from the former Shanghai Lixin Electrical Appliance Factory) successfully developed qds8 DC fast switch (1250a/1500v) - equivalent to ur6 of Swiss secheron company, and DS16 DC fast switch (4000a/1500v) - equivalent to ur40 of Swiss secheron company through more than two years of hard work. In March, 2002, the type tests of these two switches have been successfully completed. Moreover, ur6 type switch has been applied to the ground power supply system of Chengdu Qingchengshan maglev train

in addition, Jiangsu Changjiang Electric Appliance Group, after signing a cooperative production agreement with secheron company in Switzerland in 1998, has formed the ability to mass produce DC fast switch cabinets in China by introducing the DC fast circuit breaker and other core components of secheron company, and has supplied them to Changchun light rail project, Wuhan Rail transit project, etc

in a word, in the more than two years after the publication of this paper, the localization of DC fast switch has taken a big step forward in order to extract useful signals from disturbing signals. It can be said that the localization of "DC fast switch" has revealed the dawn. As long as enterprises, owners and design units work together, "DC fast switch" will rise vigorously in the East like the morning sun

now, Beijing urban construction design and Research Institute plans to include this article in the "Proceedings of the Institute", so as to cherish history and stimulate the future

Author: Yu Songwei, June, 2002, Beijing

Abstract: starting from the national requirements for the localization of urban rail transit equipment, this paper introduces the characteristics of power supply system equipment for urban rail transit projects; Based on the analysis of the localization status of power supply system equipment, it is considered that the on load voltage regulating switch for the main transformer can be domestic products, and the voltage level of AC power cable used in DC system is clarified; This paper focuses on the localization of DC fast switch: development review, development status, application prospects, and relevant suggestions. The purpose is to advocate knowledgeable enterprises, seize the opportunity, increase investment, and accelerate the full localization of DC fast switch cabinet

key words: analysis of localization of power supply system equipment thinking on localization of DC fast switch

I. preface (also talking about the national requirements for localization of urban rail transit equipment)

1. The significance of localization of power supply system equipment

urban rail transit engineering power supply system (hereinafter referred to as power supply system) is the largest auxiliary equipment system in urban rail transit electromechanical equipment except vehicles. The engineering significance of the implementation of the localization of power supply system equipment is not only to effectively reduce the investment of power supply equipment, but also to help achieve the overall goal of "ensuring that the average localization rate of all rail vehicles and electromechanical equipment is not less than 70%, accelerate the localization process of urban rail transit equipment, and promote the healthy development of urban rail transit industry. At the same time, the localization of power supply system equipment also has long-term historical significance for the development of China's national industry

2. Ways of localization of power supply system equipment

the State encourages the implementation of localization by means of independent development, joint development, digestion and absorption of imported technology, system integration and so on. The special project of localization development and industrialization of urban rail transit equipment is based on the construction projects approved by the state, and the enterprise undertaking the task of localization of equipment in key fields is the main implementation unit of the special project to cooperate with the progress of the whole project. In the specific implementation, we should take into account the needs of current project construction and the technical development trend of rail transit equipment in the future

3. The principle of localization of power supply system equipment

taking the advanced technology level in the 1990s as the goal, taking the existing mature electromechanical equipment in China as the foundation, and adopting the advanced technology that has been mastered by China's Electromechanical industry, we will gradually form the equipment series of China's Urban Rail Transit power supply system

II. Characteristics of power supply system equipment of urban rail transit engineering

1. Overview of power supply system

power supply system of urban rail transit engineering is composed of the following parts: main substation (for centralized power supply), traction power supply system, power lighting system, traction system, power monitoring (SCADA) system

according to the different nominal voltage of the system, the traction system in China is divided into 750V DC traction system and 1500V DC traction system

2. Power supply system equipment composition

2.1 transformer type

2.1.1 main transformer

is used for main substation; Commonly used voltage levels include 110/35kv, 110/10kv, 110/35/10kv, 63/10kv, etc; The capacity is about 20 ~ 31.5MVA; With on load voltage regulating switch

2.1.2 traction rectifier transformer

is used in traction substation; Common voltage levels include 10/0.61kv and 35/1.22kv; The capacity is about 2000 ~ 4400kva; The connection types include single unit 12 pulse wave (such as dy5/dd0), dual unit equivalent 24 pulse wave (such as D (-7.5 °) y11d0 and D (+7.5 °) y1d2)

2.1.3 distribution transformer

is used for power lighting substation; Common voltage levels include 10/0.4kv and 35/0.4kv; The capacity of a single set is generally below 1600KVA

2.2 traction rectifier

is used for traction substation; Silicon diode three-phase bridge rectifier; The capacity is about 1800 ~ 4000kW; The air cools naturally

2.3 switchgear

2.3.1 110kV AC switchgear

is used in the main substation; GIS switchgear

2.3.2 35kV AC switchgear

is used in main substation, traction substation, power lighting substation, etc; 35kV vacuum switchgear or 35kvsf6 switchgear; 35kV inflatable C-GIS switchgear is under development

2.3.3 750V or 1500V DC quick switch cabinet

rated voltage 750V DC or 1500V DC; The rated current is generally below 6000a; The rated breaking capacity generally does not exceed 80kA; The full opening time is about 20 ~ 30ms

2.3.4 0.4kV AC switchgear

mns or GCK or GCS withdrawable switchgear

2.4 substation control and protection equipment

for high and medium voltage AC switchgear, 750V or 1500V DC fast switchgear, electronic protection devices are mostly used; Electromagnetic protection devices are often used for low-voltage AC switchgear

2.5 substation auxiliary power supply device

AC auxiliary power supply device, the incoming line generally requires two-way power supply, and automatic switching and automatic recovery; DC auxiliary power supply device is generally equipped with AC incoming switch, charger and voltage regulation device, battery pack, DC feed out switch, etc; The battery can be cadmium nickel battery or lead-acid maintenance free battery, and the capacity is generally about 100Ah

2.6 cables and wires

110kV XLPE power cable

35kV XLPE power cable

10kV XLPE power cable

0.6/1kv XLPE power cable

500V control cable wire

750V or 1500V DC cable

2.7 contact rail or flexible overhead contact

2.7.1 contact rail

the contact rail system has upper contact type and lower contact type;the; The contact rail system includes contact rail, insulating insulator or insulating support, protective cover, base foundation, tunnel switch cabinet, power supply junction box, etc

2.7.2 flexible overhead contact

flexible overhead contact includes the following equipment:

(1) wire: contact wire, messenger wire, feeder, overhead ground wire

(2) main parts and components: pillar, cantilever structure, hanging string, central anchor, compensator, soft (hard) portal structure, feeder shoulder frame, etc.

(3) main equipment: disconnector, section insulator, insulator Lightning arrester, etc.

2.8 power monitoring system

power monitoring system is composed of power monitoring center, execution end (RTU) and channel. Power monitoring center generally adopts local structure. If the power equipment communicates with the system by analog signal, the executive end is generally composed of relay panel, transmitter panel, RTU panel and UPS; If the power equipment communicates with the system by digital signal, the executive end can be simplified as RTU screen and UPS; The executive end can also use the substation automation system

power monitoring system is generally self-contained; According to the characteristics of the project, it can also form an integrated monitoring system with station equipment monitoring system (BAS) and disaster prevention alarm system (FAS)

III. localization analysis of power supply system equipment

1. Equipment to achieve localization

from the current technical level, manufacturing process, product quality and operation experience of electromechanical equipment in China, The following equipment can be fully localized:

L main transformer

L traction rectifier transformer

L distribution transformer

L traction rectifier

l110kv AC switchgear

l35kv AC switchgear (vacuum or SF6 switch)

l110kv AC switchgear (vacuum or SF6 switch)

l0.4kv AC switchgear

L substation control and protection equipment

L substation auxiliary power supply device

l110kv XLPE power cable

l35kv XLPE power cable

l110kv XLPE power cable

l0.6/1kv XLPE power cable

l500v control cable wire

L contact rail system

l power monitoring system <

2 Flexible overhead contact

(1) wire rod

silver copper contact wire: successful domestic trial production

messenger wire, feeder, overhead ground wire: mature products

(2) main parts

cantilever structure: under improvement

dropper: under improvement

central anchor: under improvement

compensator: successful trial production

(3) main equipment

manual disconnector: successful domestic trial production


electric disconnector: domestic trial production, It is recommended to import

section insulator from abroad: it is recommended to import from abroad in the near future and develop and trial produce

insulator and lightning arrester in the long term: domestic trial produce

3, 750V or 1500V DC cable

AC power cable can be applied to DC system. According to Siemens power cable and its application manual, in the DC system with the maximum operating voltage up to ubmax = 1.8kv, VDE standard allows the use of rated phase voltage U0 = 0.6kv BASF material in the overall design of the car body. In addition, according to the provisions of iec502 on voltage test, when DC voltage test is used, the applied voltage should be 2.4 times of the power frequency test voltage

therefore, 0.6/1kv AC power cables can be used for cables in DC systems with nominal voltages of 750V and 1500V. The nominal voltage of the DC system of line 1 and line 2 of Tehran Metro Project in Iran is 750V, of which the DC system cable adopts the 0.6/1kv AC power cable produced by Shenyang cable factory

4. On load tap changer of main transformer

in terms of funds, about half of the funds buy foreign products and half of the funds buy domestic products; Since the price of foreign products is about 4 times that of domestic products, the market share of domestic products is about 80% in terms of product quantity. It can be said that domestic on load voltage regulation

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