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On April 3, the domestic plastic market analysis summary

core tip: at the beginning of the month, petrochemicals implemented the latest pricing, which continued to strengthen the cost support effect on the market, and the mentality of merchants was acceptable. Downstream factory orders are general, purchase on demand, and the firm offer is more rigid

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:48): 49.55 down 0.54

● international oil prices closed down on the 2nd

the six major countries reached a framework agreement with Iran on the nuclear issue, and the sanctions on Iran's oil exports may be lifted in the near future. International oil prices fell on the wind. In addition, the number of us initial jobless claims decreased, which theoretically means increased demand for oil, However, the resulting rise in the US dollar exchange rate also curbed the rise in oil prices. The international oil price closed down on the 2nd, and the price of crude oil futures in New York closed down 0.95, making each particle form a relatively independent organic particle fire prevention unit, US $49.14/barrel. Brent crude oil futures closed down $2.15 at $54.95 a barrel

[today's news]

● the field of high-quality food grade PC plastics or further expansion

high quality food grade PC plastics are mainly used as high-grade insulating materials, household appliances and electronic and electrical products, and are widely used in optoelectronics, optical disk, construction industry, automobile manufacturing, medical technology, transparent materials, packaging materials and other industrial production fields. At present, the demand in the optical disc and automobile industry is growing rapidly. According to statistics, the demand for PC in the global optical disc market will increase at an average annual rate of 7 ~ 10 in the next few years

● illegal sewage discharge enterprises such as waste plastic processing workshops were shut down

on April 1, in furuiqing waste plastic processing workshop in Nanquan Town, Shifang City, law enforcement officers once again told business owners not to connect power without authorization after implementing mandatory power cuts in accordance with the law. After the forced closure of 19 illegal sewage discharge enterprises last year, Shifang City has carried out joint environmental protection law enforcement actions again since March 27, shutting down five illegal sewage discharge enterprises in a week

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends: Shanghai Petrochemical 1Pe first-line unit produces dj200a, and the second-line produces N210; 2PE device produces q281; Ygh041 is produced by 4PE device

● PP Petrochemical trends: the capacity of Zhenhai Refining and chemical PP old plant is 250000 tons/year, with an annual output of Z30S; The capacity of the new device is 300000 tons/year, and M09 is planned to be converted to M02 today

● PVC Petrochemical trends: about 70% of the PVC plant in Dagu, Tianjin is under construction, with tight supply and rising prices. For 1000/700/800 models, 6050 yuan/ton will be accepted, for 1300 models, 6150 yuan/ton will be accepted, and some cash will be collected

● PS Petrochemical trends: Fujian Hongrun (former Fangxing) PS plant has been operated with one penetration and one change, and the benzene line has been restarted since February 18. The quotation remains unchanged. The price of benzene permeating 635 is 9200 yuan/ton, and that of benzene changing 655 is 9750 yuan/ton. The recent shipment is OK, but the shipment is average

● ABS Petrochemical trends: Sinopec East China ABS implemented the latest pricing, Shanghai Gaoqiao 275 reported 10800 yuan/ton, Shanghai Gaoqiao 8391 reported 11850 yuan/ton, Shanghai Gaoqiao 3513 reported 12800 yuan/ton, and Shanghai Gaoqiao 3504 reported 12700 yuan/ton

● pet Petrochemical trends: the quotation of Sanfangxiang polyester bottle chip manufacturer remains stable, and the quotation of water bottle level, oil bottle level and hot filling is 6900 yuan/ton. The actual order is discussed in detail, and the inventory is low

[early evaluation and prediction of plastics]

● PE early evaluation: yesterday, the market price rose by about 100 yuan, crude oil rose and linear futures opened higher, as well as the factory prices of some companies of PetroChina and petrochemicals. Many positive factors gathered, and the confidence of merchants was OK. There was a hype mentality in the company, the downstream resisted high priced goods, and maintained rigid demand procurement. Reference to market conditions around the country: Qilu Chemical City market was chaotic and high reported, 6098 rose by 110 yuan/ton, and 9860 yuan/ton was tax-free, Zhengzhou market price rose, 7042 reported 10250 yuan/ton, Hangzhou market quotation continued to rise, Maoming 2426h reported 11700 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that there is still room for growth driven by many positive factors in the market today

● PP morning review: yesterday, the market price was running upward, and crude oil and propylene monomers rose, boosting the mentality. Some companies of PetroChina transferred factory prices up again, which played a strong supporting role in the cost of supply. The cargo holders shipped with lock-in profits, facing high price goods. Downstream factories watched carefully, and the pace of goods moving in the yard was slow. Reference to market conditions around Linyi: the surrounding markets of Linyi were sorted out, Nanjing coal 1102k was quoted at 8800 yuan/ton, and the offer in Shanghai market rose slightly, Yanchang Yuneng chemical S1003 reported 8850 yuan/the above three provisions are actually interdependent and unified 1 ton. Chongqing market price is on the sidelines, and Zhongyuan T03 reported 8750 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will continue to operate at a high level today

● PVC morning review: yesterday, the market quotation continued to rise, and the market hype atmosphere was strong. Merchants actively sell goods by raising their quotations, and the supply of low-cost goods in the market is becoming less and less. The downstream demand changes little, the inquiry is general, and the transaction negotiation is mainly. Market quotation reference: Xiamen market rose slightly, and the delivery price of ethylene material was yuan/ton; The market in Hangzhou continues to rise, with the quotation of ordinary electric stone at yuan/ton

today's forecast: approaching the Qingming Festival holiday, it is expected that today's market will be mainly stable, and some will rise slightly

● PS early review: yesterday's market performance was generally stable, and local quotations were slightly adjusted. In the situation of small fluctuations in the upstream trend, the mentality of the merchants in the venue is flat, and they still focus on short-term operations. The inquiry situation of end buyers has improved slightly, and there is not much follow-up of firm offer transactions. Market quotation reference: Shunde market quotation generally rose, and Qimei pg33 rose by 50 yuan to 8850 yuan/ton; Ningbo market quotation rose, and Leiden 525 rose 300 yuan to 9500 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is close to the Qingming Festival holiday, and the market is expected to be stable today

● ABS morning review: yesterday's market was generally stable, with some quotations rising slightly. The merchants' mentality is flat, they lack confidence in the future market, the supply of goods on the floor is normal, and the market transaction atmosphere is still depressed. Downstream buyers are not interested in purchasing, and they mainly buy with use. Market quotation reference: Ningbo market quotation rose steadily, 0215a rose 50 yuan to 11800 yuan/ton; Dongguan market rose steadily and slightly, with Taiwan 15a1 up 50 yuan to 11450 yuan/ton

today's forecast: close to the Qingming Festival holiday, the market is expected to narrow today

● PET bottle and chip early evaluation: yesterday, the market was stable and small, with crude oil and PX rising, but PTA futures weakened, which had a great impact on the market. Although the offer of merchants was strong, the transaction price was mostly loose, and the downstream demand still did not improve. Market reference: East China bottle and chip reported yuan/ton, self lifting, negotiated price yuan/ton; Short delivery of RMB/ton in South China, negotiation of RMB/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will stabilize over the weekend

● pet regeneration early review: yesterday, the market price was weak and stable, although crude oil rebounded, but the demand for new materials and terminals was low, which was difficult to support the market. Businesses were waiting to take the goods step by step. There was not much supply of woolen bottles, the washing plant just needed to purchase, and there was little willingness to store a large amount of goods. The downstream chemical fiber plant started work fairly well, mostly to digest its own inventory, and the firm offer was prudent procurement. Market reference: the machine white film in East China was at yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will continue to stabilize today

[waste market news]


● Yuyao HDPE particle market offer: soy sauce pot particles, Wahaha high-quality particles, Pu 1 and 3 promise: Tong 7100, oil pot particles 6400

● Foshan imported high-voltage large parts market offer is strong, reference: 98 high-quality membrane yuan/ton, 98 ordinary membrane yuan/ton; 95 membrane yuan/ton

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