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On April 14, the domestic plastic market analysis summary

core tips: the market operation is generally stable, individual quotations are slightly adjusted, traders are mainly short-term operations, and the demand of downstream factories increases slowly

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:51): 104.04 up 0.30

● international oil prices fluctuated on the 11th

US consumer confidence index increased and gasoline prices rose, boosting the atmosphere of the US crude oil futures market; The international energy agency lowered its oil demand growth forecast, Libyan crude oil production will increase, and the Brent crude oil futures market will be pressured. International oil prices ended mixed on the 11th. Crude oil futures in New York closed up $0.34 at $103.74 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures closed down $0.13 at $107.33 a barrel

[today's news]

● there are problems in China's plastic pipe market that need to be solved.

with the rapid development of China's national economy and infrastructure construction and the adjustment of national industrial policies, at present, the growth rate of China's pipe fitting market in the past few years has reached 15%. However, the building materials market has a wide variety of products and fierce competition, and the brand awareness of pipes and fittings is also relatively weak. Due to the small changes in displacement, the construction of marketing network is relatively lagging behind, and there is a lack of brand strategy

interpretation: with the increasingly fierce market competition, many enterprises have fallen into the embarrassing dilemma of channel conflict, rising costs, declining revenue, continuous customer complaints, and significantly reduced satisfaction. Facing these problems, in addition to establishing channel marketing, enterprises must also make great efforts to build a strong brand recognized by enterprises, channel merchants and consumers in an all-round way, so as to occupy a stable position in the future market

● pet transparent plastic is favored by the mineral water bottle packaging market.

for mineral water bottle packaging, the current mainstream material is pet transparent plastic. Transparent pet box has the characteristics of wear resistance, good plasticity, impact resistance, water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and so on. Various industries are also driving the development of transparent PET plastic industry, and PET plastic products are used more and more widely in the packaging industry

interpretation: with the acceleration of the development of transparent PET plastic industry, it occupies a large share of the packaging market. Mineral water bottles have become a market trend because of their light weight, transparency, recyclability and other advantages. In recent years, the high-end mineral water market has developed rapidly. In the future, the mineral water market has unlimited prospects, and the mineral water bottle packaging will have great development opportunities

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends; Zhongsha Tianjin LLDPE plant converted to 222wt; The HDPE device was shut down for maintenance due to brand switching. The maintenance is expected to take about 5 days, and the inventory is general

● PP Petrochemical trends: the first-line production of Shenhua Ningmei PP plant is 1100n, and it is planned to switch to 2500h at the end of the month, and the second-line production is 1102k. The first-line production capacity is 200000 tons/year, and the second-line production capacity is 300000 tons/year. It is planned to shut down for 25 days on April 20

● PVC Petrochemical trends: Haohua Aerospace PVC quotation is temporarily stable, type 3 is reported as 6260 yuan/ton, type 8 is reported as 621, there is a fault in the test process or the stop switch is pressed 0 yuan/ton, type 5 carbide is accepted at 6100 yuan/ton, yh3000 is reported as 6800 yuan/ton, and the export sales is 50 yuan/ton lower. The implementation is preferential

● PS Petrochemical News: the ex factory offer of Ningbo Taihua PS is flat, with benzene penetration of 5250 at 13000 yuan/ton, benzene conversion of 8250 at 13600 yuan/ton, and 825g at 13800 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory is low, and the shipment is average

● ABS Petrochemical trends: affected by the continuous sharp rise in raw material costs, and the plant devices are under maintenance, the current inventory of various brands of products is in short supply, and the supply is limited. The ex factory quotation of LG Yongxing 121h is stable at 15400 yuan/ton

● pet Petrochemical trends: Yizheng Chemical fiber polyester bottle and chip manufacturers offer stable prices, water bottles and oil bottles offer 9000 yuan/ton for short delivery, carbonation is 200 yuan/ton higher, the price is negotiable, and the number of new orders is limited

[early evaluation and prediction of plastics]

● early evaluation of PE: last Friday, the market price was mainly stable, and the linear futures opened low and narrow, which had a certain negative impact on the market. Sinopec and PetroChina branches all over the country raised the factory price, which boosted the mentality of the industry. Traders followed the market, mainly shipping in the wait-and-see, and the transaction price of the firm offer was mostly negotiable, and the downstream demand had not been significantly improved. Reference to the market conditions in various places: Panjin market slightly adjusted. 7042 reported 11900 yuan/ton, the Chengdu market remained stable, and 2426h reported 12350 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market fluctuation is limited

● PP morning review: last Friday, the markets in North and East China were stable, the markets in South China fell slightly, polypropylene futures opened low and hit the mentality of narrow range. The branches of PetroChina and Sinopec all over the country maintained stable ex factory prices, the support of source costs was acceptable, the cargo holders operated flexibly according to their own conditions, the downstream carefully led, and the enthusiasm to take the initiative to prepare goods and replenish positions was not high. Reference to the market conditions around the country: Linyi market consolidation, Shenhua l5e89 reported 11150 yuan/ton, and the Nanjing market rose slightly, Yangzi K8003 delivered RMB/ton, Shantou market fell, and Hainan T30S reported RMB/ton

today's forecast: the market lacks guidance on Monday, and the price is expected to change little

● PVC morning review: last Friday, the market price continued to rise. The intraday rise of PVC futures and the factory price of some enterprises supported the higher offer of merchants, but the insufficient purchasing capacity of downstream, limited trading volume, coupled with the decline of the external market, exerted certain pressure on the market. The overall trading atmosphere was mainly stalemate. Market reference of various places: the market fluctuation in Tianjin was not large, the delivery price of ordinary type 5 calcium carbide excluding tax was yuan/ton, and the Sichuan market was stable, The price of Jinlu material delivered was reported as RMB/ton, and the Guangzhou market rose. The price of Tianhu 5 self delivery was reported as 6080 yuan/ton

today's forecast: the consumption of pre aluminum alloy will be second only to that of steel. It is difficult for the market to maintain the rising trend today

● PS early review: last Friday, the market was relatively stable, and the ex factory price of petrochemical enterprises remained stable, which has a certain support for the current market. Traders on the floor operate cautiously, most of which are short-term operations. The demand of downstream factories increases slowly, and the current market transactions are flat. Market quotation reference: the market quotation of Yuyao is stable, and the quotation of gps-525 is 1. Therefore, it is recommended that customers and friends purchase 2550 yuan/ton of digital display hydraulic universal testing machine or screen display hydraulic universal testing machine and other equipment; Shunde's market quotation is stable, and Zhanjiang xinzhongmei 525 is quoted at 11600 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will maintain a consolidation situation

● ABS morning review: last Friday, the market was generally stable, and individual quotations were slightly adjusted. Business offers continue to follow the market and seek substantial transactions, and the market atmosphere remains light. Downstream product enterprises have insufficient demand for raw materials and low intention to prepare a large amount of goods, and on-demand procurement still occupies the mainstream. Market quotation reference: Ningbo market quotation is stable and small, 121h Ningbao yuan/ton; Shunde market quotation fell steadily, with Taiwan 757 falling 50 yuan to 14250 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be mainly stable, and individual brands will fluctuate slightly

● pet slicing early review: last Friday, the market was mainly narrow, the crude oil quotation fell slightly, the supply of slicing enterprises was still relatively small, supporting the overall stability of the quotation. The downstream chemical fiber plants had low enthusiasm for taking goods, and some manufacturers had the willingness to reduce prices and purchase. The merchants holding goods were cautious, mainly waiting for shipments, and the overall trading atmosphere in the venue was slightly light. At present, the mainstream newspaper in the market is still about yuan/ton, and the negotiation focus is about 8250 yuan/ton. The actual order transaction can be negotiated

forecast today: it is expected that the market trend will not change much in the near future

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