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The electric wires in the community were cut off for three consecutive days, and the residents crouched overnight to catch the "culprit"

original title: the electric wires were cut off for three consecutive days, and the residents in the community crouched overnight to catch the man who had lost power.

Chutian Metropolis Daily, August 7 (Liu Shan, Xiao Hao) in the summer, the electric wires were cut off three times, and the power was cut at home, which brought great trouble to life. This morning, residents of Chushan demolition in Taoyuan community, Qianjin Street, Jianghan District crouched overnight, Catch the man who cut off the power, but it's a pity that the other party took the opportunity to slip away

Ms. Zhang said that the community had previously been included in the demolition area. On August 1, the land requisition and demolition headquarters talked with her at home about demolition compensation, but they didn't agree at that time. At about 5 a.m. on the 5th, she was awakened by heat in her sleep. She got up to see that there was no electricity at home, and went downstairs to see that the switch had been pulled down. After she pushed the switch up, there was still no power supply in the house. When she went downstairs again, she noticed that the branch line from the meter to each household had been disconnected with a 1:7 taper hole at the lower end. On the same day, she went to the community, street and demolition headquarters and reported to the police, but the matter has not been discussed. Considering that her 80 year old father was unwell, she had to pay her own money to find someone to connect to the electricity

unexpectedly, in the morning of the 6th, there was a power failure again. This time, the middle section of the wire was cut. In desperation, Ms. Zhang asked someone to reconnect it. Worried about being cut off again, from the evening of the 6th to the early morning of this morning, Ms. Zhang's family of three stayed overnight. At about 4 a.m., the air conditioning light suddenly went out. The family hurried downstairs to check and found that the wires at the meter connector were normal. They looked outward along the wires. On the billboard of the store on the first floor, it was found that a man was wearing gloves and holding pliers, and several wires had been cut off. Unfortunately, before the police arrived, the man took the opportunity to slip away, and Ms. Zhang's husband and daughter caught up for hundreds of meters, but they didn't catch up

this afternoon, the Chutian Metropolis Daily came to the Chushan demolition area on the fourth road of Qianjin Road and saw that many electricity meter connectors in the roadway had been disconnected. With the continuous improvement of the overseas marketing and manufacturing system of Chinese construction machinery enterprises and the constant penetration or deepening of the global market through tricks such as solicitation, Zhang NV also cut the wires before entering the house. Through the scene taken by Ms. Zhang in the early morning, we can see that a male specific classifier of Jinan impact testing machine squats on the billboard shelf, holding pliers. Mr. Song, a resident, said that after the wire of his home was cut off on the 5th, it was reconnected from elsewhere, and it was not affected in the next two days, but this behavior was too excessive, and it was suspected that someone from the requisition and demolition headquarters was responsible for it

this was denied by a person from the stability maintenance headquarters of the housing levy of the old city reconstruction project in chubao District, Jianghan District. At present, Qianjin police station has been involved in the investigation

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