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The current situation and development trend of China's printing industry 1

I. The basic situation of China's printing industry

as of 2004, there were 94282 printing enterprises of all kinds in China, an increase of 1893 compared with 2003, with a growth rate of 2.05%, and more than 3 million employees. In 2004, the gross output value of printing was about 260billion yuan, accounting for 2% of the national economic output value. The national per capita printing output value is about 24 US dollars

1. Publishing status

in 2003, 180.693 billion copies of books, periodicals and newspapers were published nationwide, equivalent to 4.1859 million tons of paper, an increase of 10.75% compared with 2002. Among them, books accounted for 14.14%, textbooks 11.71%, pictures 0.1%, periodicals 6.13%, newspapers 67.89% and other publications 3%

2. Current situation of book printing

in 2003, there were 1123 two-level designated enterprises for book printing in China, 32 less than that in 2002. Among them, there are 285 national designated enterprises (78 national designated enterprises in the publishing system), 1 less than that in 2002; 838 provincial designated enterprises, 31 fewer than in 2002

the completion of the main production indicators of the two-level designated enterprises for book and magazine printing in China is as follows: the total industrial output value in 2003 was 15.929 billion yuan (calculated at the constant price in 1990, the same below), an increase of 6.17% over 2002. Among the total output value, the output value of books and periodicals products was 10.189 billion yuan, accounting for 63.97% of the total output value, an increase of 2.11% over 2002; The industrial sales output value was 15.547 billion yuan, an increase of 8.88% over 2002; The typesetting of books and periodicals was 16.036 billion words, a decrease of 5.05% over 2002; Books and periodicals were printed in 64.2499 million orders, down 3.92% from 2002; Offset printing 254663100 split color orders, an increase of 79.46% over 2002; 55.1282 million orders of books and periodicals were bound, an increase of 2.94% over 2002; Throughout the year, 109.6066 million orders of books and periodicals printing paper were used, an increase of 1.82% over 2002

3. Current situation of newspaper printing

in 2003, 2119 kinds of newspapers were published nationwide, with 38.112 billion newspapers published throughout the year. The total printing volume of newspapers in the whole year was 123.559 billion pairs, an increase of 15.76% over 2002. Among them, the printing volume of color newspapers was about 80 billion pairs, accounting for 65% of the total printing volume

① the printing volume of newspapers continued to grow

from 1993 to 2003, the total number of newspapers printed nationwide increased by 330.29%, with an average annual growth rate of 15.58%, as shown in Table 2. In 2004, it is expected to increase by about 13.3%, and the total printing volume will reach 140billion pairs. Due to the increasing base, it is expected that the annual growth rate of newspaper printing volume will be between 10% and 12% from 2005 to 2010, and the total printing volume is expected to reach 273.3 billion pairs by 2010

② the digitization process has been accelerated

by the end of 2004, 61 CTP equipment had been installed in newspaper printing plants across the country. The year 2004 was the year when CTP was installed most in newspaper printing plants. All large and medium-sized newspaper printing enterprises increased their investment in CTP. The construction of the national newspaper industry's 2004 new material industry standard system will further implement the requirements of the State Council on printing and distributing the reform plan for deepening standardization work. A total of 22 CTP equipment will be installed annually, with an average of 2 per month, twice the progress of about 10 per year in the previous three years. The annual purchase quantity and purchase unit of CTP of domestic newspapers are shown in the figure below

pay attention to the operation when applying experimental force to the sample

in 2004, domestic large and medium-sized newspapers have installed more than 80 sets of digital proofing systems. In the whole year, 22 direct plate making machines, 30 high-speed laser phototypesetters, and the number of enterprises and equipment with ink presetting system, automatic registration system and automatic cleaning blanket system installed on the rotary machine doubled

③ there is still a shortage of newspaper printing machines

in 2004, the national newspaper industry added about 270 various rotary machines, and the national newspaper industry has more than 3000 rotary machines. Among the newspaper printing machines, domestic and imported equipment are half, because the evaluation system of domestic instruments is not perfect and all medium and large machines are imported equipment. In 2004, the newspaper industry also invested about 500million yuan in the purchase of imported machines. In 2004, there were more than 50 imported newspaper printers that had been installed and contracted but not arrived. The number of newly added domestic minicomputers accounted for 80% of the total increase, about 220. The national newspaper industry invested more than 500million yuan in purchasing domestic machines. This situation is expected to continue

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