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On February 27, the State Administration of Taxation held a conference on the interpretation of tax policies in the first quarter of 2018 to interpret the improvement of overseas income tax credit policies, environmental protection tax related policies, and the revision of annual corporate income tax return. It is reported that the finance and taxation department has recently issued a series of tax policies to support Chinese enterprises to "go global", using tax revenue to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises; The environmental protection tax will usher in the first tax period on April 1. At present, tax authorities across the country have identified more than 260000 environmental protection tax taxpayers

"overseas income tax credit refers to the method by which enterprises obtain overseas income and directly pay or indirectly bear the tax of the nature of enterprise income tax abroad, which can be deducted from their domestic income tax payable. This is a method to eliminate international double taxation, which can effectively reduce the tax burden of China's' going out 'enterprises." Liu Baozhu, deputy director of the income tax department of the State Administration of Taxation, introduced

it is understood that the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation recently jointly issued the notice on improving the overseas income tax credit policy of enterprises, which has improved the overseas income tax credit policy from two aspects: first, the comprehensive credit method is added on the basis of the original single country does not shift the focus to the establishment of itemized credit methods, and enterprises are given the right to choose by themselves; The second is to adjust the level of overseas dividend indirect credit from three levels to five levels. "This makes the credit of enterprises more sufficient, effectively reduces the overall tax burden of overseas income of enterprises, and better encourages Chinese enterprises to 'go global'." Liu Baozhu said

in order to better adapt to the changes in the situation and the new situations encountered by enterprises, the State Administration of Taxation issued the "announcement on the issues related to the" beneficial owner, now let's introduce the operation instructions and protection and maintenance of the ball impact testing machine "in the tax agreement" and the "announcement on several issues related to the implementation of the tax agreement", and further improved the "beneficial owner" rules, including permanent institutions, sea and air transportation The terms of entertainers and athletes, as well as the application of tax treaties to partnership enterprises and other related matters have been further clarified to facilitate taxpayers to enjoy the treatment of tax treaties

"at present, China has signed tax treaties with 107 countries and regions, forming a global agreement network to close the oil delivery valve, covering major economies closely related to China's bilateral investment, and playing a positive role in attracting foreign investment and encouraging foreign investment." Huang Suhua, deputy director of the international tax department of the State Administration of Taxation, said

"on January 1 this year, the environmental protection tax law was officially implemented. According to the tax law, environmental protection tax is declared quarterly. Therefore, the first levy period of environmental protection tax was ushered in on April 1. Whether the first levy period is stable and smooth is the key to the successful implementation of the transformation of environmental protection fee and tax system." Sun Qun, deputy director of the property and behavior tax department of the State Administration of Taxation, said

according to sun Qun, the tax department has refined 15 key tasks in three stages around the first levy period of environmental protection tax. At present, the first stage task has been completed. Local tax authorities identified and recognized more than 260000 environmental tax taxpayers, and basically completed the joint commissioning and testing of the tax filing system and the core tax collection and management system of the third phase of golden tax, ensuring that taxpayers in the first tax collection period can report without leaving their homes. Up to now, more than 190000 environmental tax taxpayers have been tutored nationwide, accounting for 72.9% of the identified households

"in order to facilitate taxpayers to declare and pay taxes, the tax department has made great efforts to simplify the statements." Sun Qun said that the environmental protection tax return was optimized around the core concept of "simplicity and burden reduction", and the original report mode of sewage charges formulated according to different industries was adjusted to the report mode formulated according to four types of pollutants "water, gas, sound and slag", which reduced the number of reports and the number of fields filled by taxpayers by about two thirds

for enterprise financial personnel, the final settlement and payment of enterprise income tax should be completed before the end of May every year, that is, in accordance with relevant tax laws and regulations, the annual tax declaration of enterprise income tax should be handled with the competent tax authority, and the enterprise income tax of the previous year should be settled

Liu Baozhu said that at the end of 2017, the State Administration of Taxation issued the annual tax return of enterprise income tax of the people's Republic of China (Class A, 2017 version), which revised and improved the 2014 version of the return. The benefits of the new report are mainly three aspects: first, the report structure is more reasonable, the number of revised forms is reduced by 10%, and there are only two required forms, and the rest are optional forms, It reduces the burden of taxpayers' declaration to the greatest extent; Second, adjust the forms or columns according to the latest policies to ensure that taxpayers can fully and timely enjoy the relevant preferential policies; Third, the requirements of informatization implementation are taken into account in the design of tax returns, which provides convenience for various tax declaration software to further optimize the automatic calculation and intelligent filling functions

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