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Enterprises test the waters of digital printing and add personalized services

when the tide of digital harmony rolls in, there are not only publishing units such as China Publishing Group Corporation and Intellectual Property Publishing House, traditional book and magazine printing enterprises such as China Printing Group and Beijing Shengtong Printing Co., Ltd., but also packaging and printing enterprises such as Tiger color group, There are also enterprises such as Beijing Jinghua Printing Tongluo Technology Co., Ltd., which originates from the paper industry. Why do they want to carry out digital printing? What are the specific businesses? Is there a clear profit model? At the 2013 China Digital Printing alliance summit annual meeting held on May 15, relevant principals from these six publishing and printing units talked freely about their experience and experience in entering digital printing

new opportunities for transformation and development

units with different backgrounds have different reasons for entering the field of digital printing

as the first publishing house in China to eat the crab of digital printing, intellectual property publishing house purchased digital printing machines as early as 1994. Its original intention was to meet the printing requirements of a wide variety of patent documents published by the press, but with very little printing volume

as a well-known packaging enterprise in the industry, Tiger color group has successively invested tens of millions of yuan to carry out book on-demand printing and photo book printing business in recent three years. Chen Chengwen, President of Hucai group, said that Hucai is very profitable in high-end packaging production, but it does not want to rely too much on the fruit tree business of packaging and printing. In order to develop in the future, it is necessary to find seed businesses such as digital printing

Beijing Shengtong Printing Co., Ltd. announced in January this year that it plans to build an on-demand printing demonstration base in the testing industry brush demonstration park in Shanghai Jinshan national green creativity is not as good as the old hydraulic press printing electronic universal experimental machine. Jia Chunlin, chairman of the company, talked about the reasons for developing on-demand printing at the annual summit. He said that the technological revolution has promoted industrial changes and upgrading. The printing industry has developed from the era of type printing to the era of film CTP, and the next should be a digital era and a network era. This requires the application of digital printing in production, and can be applied through network. In order to serve customers more directly and effectively, Shengtong plans to establish an on-demand printing demonstration base in Jinshan, Shanghai, as well as a data processing center and e-commerce platform

the reason for Beijing Jinghua Printing Tongluo Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on Printing microblog books, to enter digital printing is obviously different from the first two companies. Zhu Yong, the chairman of the company, said: many people enter digital printing from the perspective of serving traditional printing customers, but I find that digital printing and interconnection will become a new thing. We can print personalized publication prints for consumers through networks and clients

from on-demand to personalized services

what is the specific business of on-demand printing? As a typical book printing enterprise, Shengtong hopes to provide the publishing house with a production capacity of 1 to 1 million copies

Jia Chunlin's answer may overturn many people's previous understanding of on-demand printing. Indeed, when it comes to on-demand printing, people usually think of it as a personalized short edition business. In fact, this is not the case. The so-called on-demand is to have as much as you need, as much as you need, as little as you need, and you can also have one copy. Jia Chunlin explained: every time the publishing house places an order, it reflects the demand. Sometimes they have to print sample books, sometimes supplement the number, and sometimes add the number of prints. It is difficult for you to serve it in one way. To achieve such a production capacity of printing volume from 1 to 1million copies, digital printing equipment alone cannot be achieved. We will configure different types of equipment, but these equipment must be able to support JDF and CIP4. We will also build a large data processing center to store relevant data

at first, Intellectual Property Publishing House digitally printed patent documents with many varieties and less printing volume. Later, it also used its rich digital printing production capacity for the publication of traditional books. According to Ou Jian, the president of the society, the society updated all digital printing equipment last year, which has greatly changed the situation of on-demand printing of books. According to statistics, from January to April this year, more than 50% of the new books and 90% of the reprints of intellectual property publishing houses were produced by digital printing, and an average of 75% - 80% of the books were produced by digital printing

China Printing Group Digital Printing Co., Ltd. started the Digital Express Printing business relatively early in China. The company has achieved good benefits in printing out of print and out of print books. At the same time, the company has also developed many on-demand printing businesses in the field of organ printing

the painting book and printing bar clients of Jinghua Yintong mainly provide personalized printed materials to consumers through the Internet, such as travel books, family photo albums, Weibo books, etc. Zhu Yong said that in the future, he will cooperate with the publishing house to publish and print tourism books through audition. At present, its print bar clients are downloaded by 1600 to 2000 people every day, and orders are also growing

not yet clear profit model

every time you arrive at the exhibition, you will introduce new products and technologies. Today is laser, tomorrow is inkjet, and the day after tomorrow is nano. We have bought two generations of digital printing equipment, but our machines are often in the preparation state, rarely in the printing state. Why haven't we made money now

a digital printing equipment manufacturer will always be scolded by customers when selling equipment to customers. As ye qiangshui, the executive officer of operation and development of China Publishing Group Digital Equipment Co., Ltd., said: digital printing has many advantages, but our focus is to consider what benefits the introduction of new technology will bring to the industry and itself, and how to make our profit model clearer

intellectual property publishing houses have been carrying out on-demand printing for nearly 20 years, but Ou Jian admitted at the annual meeting that it is unlikely for publishing houses to earn money from buying equipment by relying on digital printing. But Ou Jian's other words are very exciting. From this year on, I don't worry about the inventory in the warehouse. This may be the greatest value of publishing houses' on-demand printing, because from another perspective, reducing inventory is not a kind of cost reduction and profit growth

Ou Jian also said that digital printing has made great changes in the publishing process and has given more choices. For example, he said: after the sample book is issued, we require that the content that can be changed or not to improve the accuracy of test data should not be changed in traditional printing, but now it must be changed in digital printing. At the same time, Ou Jian also said that compared with traditional printing, digital printing not only speeds up the speed and cycle of printing, but also improves the quality and level of publishers' service to authors. He said frankly: our agency has been inseparable from digital printing

oujian is very optimistic about the profit prospects of digital printing. He said: digital printing is now in an era like foreign high-end cars and color TVs just entering the domestic state. The performance of the equipment has not reached the high-end level, but the price is the most expensive. However, with the rapid development of digital printing technology, the cost of digital printing will be reduced and the performance will be improved. Only then will it bring profits to equipment application providers

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