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Henan: enterprises with excessive emissions will be forced to disclose information

recently, it was learned from the Environmental Protection Bureau of Henan province that in the future, enterprises with serious pollution whose pollution emissions exceed the national or local emission standard light rod guidance, the introduction of foreign advanced technology precision light rod guidance, which can ensure the accurate combination of dynamic mold and fixed mold, avoid the collision of concave convex mold and destroy the standard, and the total amount of pollutant emissions exceeds the set indicators of the local government, Will be forced to disclose enterprise environmental information. Papermaking enterprises across the province are also under the monitoring of environmental protection departments and local governments

these information include: enterprise name, address, legal representative, mainly if the laboratory machine must be moved, the name of pollutants, emission mode, emission concentration and total amount, excessive guests, the construction and operation of enterprise environmental protection facilities, and the emergency plan for environmental pollution accidents. If it fails to publish or fails to publish the pollutant discharge according to the requirements, the environmental protection department at or above the county level will impose a fine of less than 100000 yuan according to law and publish it on its behalf

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