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Enterprises should pay attention to creative packaging (I)

people want clothes, Buddhas want gold, and goods need creative packaging. Only with good packaging can goods sell well in the market, which is a trump card in the operation of enterprises. Facing the era of information explosion, only by paying attention to creative packaging, can Chinese enterprises convey more information and make their brands more competitive in the global market

I. the advantages of creative packaging

1 Visual attraction

creative packaging plays a key role in attracting vision. According to a data, in an ordinary supermarket in the United States, which operates 15 spring testing machines, which are mainly used to test and analyze the strength of various spring tension, pressure, displacement, stiffness and other tools. 000 product items, general shoppers browse about 300 products per minute. Assuming that 53% of the purchase activities are impulse purchases, then the packaging effect at this time is equivalent to 5 seconds of TV advertising. Therefore, the communication effect of brand packaging must exceed the general advertising communication effect. Chinese enterprises should pay attention to creative packaging, in terms of packaging vision, color matching and font selection. Increase the visual stimulation, so that the products can attract the customers' vision through the display on the display rack, so as to achieve an unforgettable state. Only then can enterprises compete with foreign strong brands in the global market

2. Enhance value

creative packaging can not only improve the sense of value of goods, but also cultivate consumer loyalty to brands. Creative packaging is where consumers choose their best. As an enterprise, it should have the ability to predict the effect of packaging impression, and fully grasp the likes and dislikes of consumers through packaging; In the process of upgrading the packaging grade, we should enhance the sense of value of the enterprise, and truly achieve that the goods have become rich in physical value, and packaging has created psychological value. Therefore, only by grasping the psychology of consumers, can creative packaging grasp the real value

3. Theory conveys the idea that the soul is a kind of style, which can strengthen the connotation of products and deepen the impression of listeners. This invisible packaging. It will certainly have a great impact on product sales. Only when the concept is conveyed in place and people feel the real interest points, can the brand have the potential of appreciation. Therefore, enterprises should be pragmatic in the writing of the text, the design of the topic and the formulation of the title, so that the advantages of creativity can be brought into play through language communication, so as to achieve the effect of word-of-mouth, and indirectly become famous for enterprises and products. Such as the logo language of aido electronic advertising, we have been trying our best to express the corporate philosophy that can make Philips dark blue, so that we can do better! Are your footnotes modest, sincere and implicit? This is the charm and taste of language. Another example is the pragmatic concept of managing enterprises, launched by the manager magazine in December 2001, which is far better than the previous smart management and superior management

4. Brand recognition

brand recognition is the premise of consumption. It is only a rough or unclear impression in the minds of consumers. Under this impression, once consumers encounter enterprises or brands, they will have a sense of intimacy. This familiarity often makes consumers have a sense of identity, shortens the decision-making time of consumers when buying products, and leads to rapid purchase decisions. It can be said that without brand recognition, it is almost impossible for consumers to recognize your enterprise and buy your products. However, with brand identity. It will provide a familiar feeling for brands, such as Coca Cola, IBM, Mercedes Benz, McDonald's, etc., which are rich in creative packaging

second, the misunderstanding of creative packaging

at present, when the industry mentions creative packaging, it will be equivalent to product packaging. The author believes that this is a wrong concept; Packaging is not only exterior decoration, but also a strategic realm, which is embodied in all aspects of the enterprise. An expert said well that packaging creates illusion, which affects sales. Therefore, packaging is not a simple exterior decoration

with the advent of brand globalization, as a Chinese enterprise, if it still ignores packaging and is still understood as exterior decoration today, it is very dangerous. This will not only cause the disappearance of goods, but also lead to the decline of enterprises. In western countries, creative packaging has already run through the overall operation of enterprises. In the precise and all-round strategy, it occupies an important position. It is by no means the single product outer packaging we imagine. Contrary to the assumption of our Chinese enterprises, it is a three-dimensional and diversified new material with higher tensile strength than HDPE pipes, which can build a charming and competitive four-dimensional space

today, China's packaging is still in the stage that packaging is just packaging. This is a very serious mistake. I believe that when chesking, a packaging design consultant, puts forward the conclusion that packaging is a wordless salesman, he will feel the same. Coincidentally, American businessmen have also concluded that poor sales of goods? Change the shape of the package! These are the sincere words of foreigners about whether packaging and enterprise products sell well. I rely on packaging to promote enterprises! Maybe some domestic packaging masters still don't agree with this statement, and why do they think packaging is related to promoting enterprises? Is it possible? This is pure nonsense! We might as well look back. Consumers' buying habits will realize the truth of this concept. As far as the author is concerned, it seems to make sense when I first heard this. In the past, the team of top German experts in the field of composite materials from Fraunhofer, who was stationed in the center, dared to spread this concept. After careful consideration and careful identification, I had to pick up the concept of shallow and willing to further sublimate it. Without the backing of solid argument, I really dare not share it with you in detail. In fact, when creative packaging is applied to the all-round strategy of enterprises, this kind of coincidence will run through the whole process of brand building, so as to leave a clear impression in the memory of consumers and produce loyal purchase

III. deficiencies of packaging in Chinese enterprises

there are still serious deficiencies in the understanding and operation of packaging in Chinese enterprises, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1 Packaging is exterior decoration

it can be said that most enterprises still believe that packaging is to add a coat to products, ignoring the real power of packaging, and the thinking mode is still very single

such as: evaluation of various qualified and unqualified, evaluation of various levels, evaluation of various shortcomings or organizations, etc. 2 Misdiagnosis is serious

enterprises do not pay enough attention to packaging, causing enterprises to not be creative about packaging at all, and even never consider using scientific methods to diagnose the feasibility of packaging. It is not easy to check the packaging of a product alone. In the article "learn to check the face of a brand" published by the author in 2001 (see the author's monograph "is the brand going to die", pp. 221-228), 14 inspection standards have been proposed. From the phone calls of readers, we can feel that the general diagnosis of packaging in Chinese enterprises is not enough, or even close to zero! The typical symptoms of creative packaging in Chinese enterprises are as follows: (to be continued)

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