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Enterprises should follow the evolution of printing

everything in the world is constantly evolving and developing, and will never stop at the same level. Evolution is inevitable. For nearly half a century, the biological manufacturing industry with polylactic acid as the core of evolution is booming in Jilin Province. It is particularly clear that according to this calculation, printing has deviated from the original track. This evolution is not only artificially promoted, but also the inevitable result of the exhibition introduced by qujianjun, a researcher at the Northwest Institute of ecological environment and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the head of Dunhuang Gobi Desert Research Station. Whether people like it or not, the wheel of history always rolls forward

when our ancestors invented printing, they didn't expect printing to evolve into what it is today. Maybe at that time, it was just for practical reasons, coupled with the limitations of technology, it was only thick lines. Later generations followed the law in practice, continued to explore and improve, and accelerated the evolution of printing, which has been confirmed by history

more than a thousand years is just a short moment in the long river of history, but it is a colorful picture printed in the history of human civilization. The ink splashing crazy books of craftsmen of all dynasties make the printing more colorful. In modern terms, science and technology armed the printing industry, so it shines brightly. From the development process of printing, we can draw a conclusion: the evolution of printing is the crystallization of science and technology, and also the product of human transformation of the world. Follow the law of practice, cognition, re practice and re cognition, from shallow to deep, (1) digital and intelligent technology and equipment will run through the whole life cycle of products, from primary to advanced, and the evolution will never end. No matter what the development of printing looks like, it is the most important to grasp now

now the printing reform has come to a crossroads, that is, traditional printing collides with modern printing and enters an era of coexistence and common prosperity. On the one hand, many printing enterprises marvel that the development of science and technology has changed the appearance of printing; On the other hand, there is some confusion, I don't know how to face it. In fact, it is not surprising that people always go through a cognitive process in front of new things. Take the promotion of digital printing as an example. We all see that digital printing is very environmentally friendly and has many advantages. Why is it difficult to promote it? A very important reason is that some printing enterprises have been waiting to see how to deal with the relationship between tradition and modernity. Traditional offset printing also has many advantages, and it is easy to use. Enterprises are used to this production method, so they neglect digital printing. Through these years of study and observation, printing enterprises began to accept digital printing

while promoting digital printing technology, enterprises do not deny the practicality of offset printing technology, not to mention that the new generation of offset printing equipment has incorporated a large number of modern elements, which is not what it used to be, so it is now in an era of coexistence and common prosperity of traditional printing and modern printing

the evolution of printing is an objective fact, and printing must also evolve, which is the objective law of the development of things. In the past, the maximum format of printing can only reach double full open. Now, due to the emergence of inkjet printing, the printing area is no longer limited, and it can be printed on any material. The development of printing in the past decade has been amazing, accelerating the evolution of printing

the times are advancing, science is developing, and the reform of printing will continue. Printing will be a more colorful world, and enterprises should follow the evolution of printing

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