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Enterprises should establish a special mechanism for domain name management

with the rapid development of Internet, both large enterprises that have it as a composite reinforcement name and unknown small and medium-sized enterprises have touched it one after another. Expanding territory and improving brand with the help of network has become an important way for enterprises to seek development at present. As the "doorplate" of identifying addresses on the Internet and the main carrier of corporate Internet brands, domain names are increasingly valued and favored by enterprises

enterprises' lack of awareness of domain name management taught a heavy lesson

by the end of 2008, the total number of domain names in China had reached more than 16.8 million, an increase of 41% over the previous year, of which the number of CN domain names registered reached 13.57 million, an increase of 61% year-on-year, ranking first in the world of national domain names. It should be said that the sharp increase in the number of domain names in China is closely related to the development of domain name industry and the awakening and improvement of enterprise domain name awareness. Many enterprises have realized that domain name is not only related to the normal operation of the entire enterprise station, but also an important measure to maintain the brand

unfortunately, some enterprises' domain name awareness is still in the primary stage, or the domain name awareness is not complete and coherent, which is mainly manifested in being satisfied with registering a domain name of their own and ignoring protection; The domain name is not included in the intangible asset protection of the whole enterprise as the trademark of the enterprise; When registering the domain name, it was magnificent, but when renewing the domain name, it was forgotten, and some even led to a well-known and widely recognized domain name being lost for failure to renew. Orica, the largest chemical enterprise in Australia, failed to renew the domain name fee to the registration authority in time because its cotton planting area accounted for more than 1.5 of the agricultural area of the region. As a result, it was cancelled and immediately registered by a Korean company, and then flowed into China, eventually spending "CHEMCHINA". The fall of this domain name is certainly a good thing for China's chemical industry, but the loss to Orica is undoubtedly heavy. This case provides a vivid lesson for domestic enterprises to improve their awareness of domain name renewal

timely renewal is an important part of domain name management.

a complete and thorough domain name awareness should include the sum of domain name registration, domain name protection, domain name renewal, etc. Ignoring domain name renewal will lose not only the domain name but also the brand image. Recently, the domain name almost changed ownership because cr19.55 could not be renewed. Objectively speaking, some enterprises have a weak awareness of domain name renewal, which is related to their insufficient domain name registration and management knowledge. It is urgent to popularize domain name knowledge and improve domain name awareness

the purchase of a domain name by an enterprise does not mean that it will always belong to you. It only belongs to you during the purchase period. If there is no renewal after expiration, it will naturally lose its ownership. According to international domain name conventions and China's relevant domain name management measures, the domain name system that fails to renew at the expiration of the period is deemed to give up ownership and allow others to register. The implementation rules for domain name registration of China Internet Network Information Center, which was officially implemented on June 5 this year, clearly stipulates: "45 days after the expiration of the domain name is the automatic renewal period. If the domain name holder indicates in writing that he will not renew the domain name within the above period, the domain name registration service organization has the right to cancel the domain name; if the domain name holder does not indicate in writing that he will not renew or renew the domain name within the above period, the domain name registration service organization has the right to cancel the domain name on the expiration date of the above period."

enterprises should have a clear concept of the renewal time limit for different domain names, such as CN domain name (.Cn class): 44 days after expiration, the renewal operation cannot be carried out, and the domain name will enter the repayment period, after which it will be opened to others for registration; Chinese domain name (. Chinese category): 35 days after expiration, the domain name cannot be renewed, and the domain name will enter the repayment period, after which it will be opened to others for registration

enterprises should establish a special mechanism for domain name management

the lesson of domain name loss caused by domain name renewal is profound and far-reaching. In addition to the need for domain name service providers to kindly remind, enterprises, as domain name managers, should have a set of management mechanism to prevent the expiration of domain names. For example, domain names should be managed by special people. Many enterprises register many domain names, and each domain name information has a registration management mailbox. This mailbox should be managed by one person, and many people are prone to problems. For another example, the domain name manager can use time management software to manage the domain name. Three months before the expiration, or four months before the impact is more obvious, the computer will appear yellow warning or red warning, telling a domain name that it is about to expire and should be renewed, etc

the key to improving the awareness of enterprise domain name renewal is to implement it into action. Don't wait until the repayment period is over before you realize the problem of domain name renewal. By then, it's too late and even cause many disputes. Even if it is possible to take back the original domain name, the cost is huge

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