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Enterprises should be cautious in changing production of latex.

in the past two years, the latex market has been promising, and the sales price has also been abnormally higher than the normal ratio between it and standard rubber.

for example, it seems that the efficiency of latex production is very good. Many farms that did not originally have the ability to produce latex want to take the efficient express train,

add equipment and set up factories. Because of this, the contradiction between supply and demand of latex has become more and more prominent, and at the beginning of the new cutting season, there is a lack of demand, There have been few transactions in recent days. The industry generally believes that the scale of latex production is out of control from productive manufacturing to service manufacturing, which will lead to delayed sales, which may fall to less than 5000 yuan per ton at the end of June, a record low

from the actual sales performance in recent years, the price ratio of latex folded dry glue to standard #1 glue is 115:100, that is, when the price of standard #1 glue

is 100 yuan, the price of latex folded dry glue is in Changchun, Hongshan, Guangzhou experimental machine we (3) 00a, we (6) technical indicators: 00, we (1) 000 jaw splint, pressing plate, lever support assembly, flat jaw, round jaw, etc. under normal circumstances, it is generally 115 yuan, 15% more, higher or lower than this ratio, If it is short-term, it is caused by some factors in the market. After running for a period of time, it will naturally return to the original 115:100 ratio. That is to say, when changing to latex production, don't be tempted by the high price for a while, and it's easy to make a decision

as we all know, standard rubber is easy to store, and even if it is unsalable, there will be no sharp change in quality. However, latex is unsalable, and its containers are limited, and it is easy to caking and qualitative change after a long time. At present, the latex market is weak. In addition to market factors, the blind conversion to

production is also an important reason. It is hoped that the farms that originally produced standard rubber will have a good grasp when converting to latex production

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