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A quick look at the major events of industrial control automation in November

in 2019, all industries, including industrial control automation, felt the cold. In 2019, the list of layoffs of Internet companies continued to increase. As a media in the industrial control automation industry, it was also perceived from Party A's enterprises. Under the influence of the economic environment, the former giants were also struggling in the wind, and the figures in a number of financial reports clearly also explained the current situation

market economy is full of uncertainty. How to resist the cold wind? Group heating is one of the methods, turning competition into competition and cooperation, turning boundaries into cross-border, and turning passivity into initiative

in the penultimate month of 2019, a number of enterprises cooperated with Lenovo and Schneider Electric to explore the dual transformation of green + intelligent manufacturing; Xindi and Siemens digital industrial software officially launched strategic cooperation; Hollysys cooperated with Xinzhu Co., Ltd. to establish the Rail Transit Intelligent Control Innovation Center; Yanxiang cooperates with China Unicom to develop 5g+ industrial interconnection; Xianzhi, China Mobile and Ericsson jointly build 5g smart factory; Yingweiteng and Dongguan Ruitian strategic cooperation; Rockwell Automation announced that Microsoft, PTC, EPLAN and others have joined the digital cooperation program. In addition, Honeywell and general electric have made personnel adjustments, and many enterprises have launched new products

in this month, the introduction of various policies has given support to the manufacturing industry. The Ministry of industry and information technology released the 5g+ industrial interconnection 512 project promotion plan; The national manufacturing transformation and upgrading fund of 147.2 billion yuan was established; The national development and Reform Commission and other 15 departments jointly issued the implementation opinions on promoting the deep integration and development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, cultivating ten new business forms such as smart factories, flexible customization and shared production. In addition, the 2019 China Automation Conference is also noteworthy this month; Adidas plans to close two robot factories in Europe and the United States; Warehousing and logistics: the next blue ocean battle; Shared factories don't just keep idle equipment busy; The German robot and automation industry is expected to fall by 5% in 2019.

please refer to the following details one by one:

on November 12, Lenovo Group and Schneider Electric signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Wuhan, giving full play to their respective advantages and jointly empowering users in China's discrete manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing industries in the fields of green intelligent manufacturing, industrial big data, industrial artificial intelligence and so on, Help Chinese manufacturing enterprises achieve win-win results and sustainable development. Previously, the two sides have established a good foundation for cooperation in the fields of industrial interconnection and green intelligent manufacturing. On November 4, Hangzhou Xindi Digital Engineering System Co., Ltd. and Siemens digital industrial software held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shanghai. Dr. yexiuzi, the founder and CEO of Xindi, and Liang Naiming, the global senior vice president and CEO of Siemens industrial software, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides. Both sides will work together for in-depth cooperation and joint development in the field of industrial digitalization. On November 14, Beijing Hollysys System Engineering Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Xinzhu Road and Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chengdu to jointly establish the Rail Transit Intelligent Control Innovation Center. This strategic cooperation focuses on strengthening the in-depth exploration and close cooperation between the two sides in the new rail transit system engineering construction, system integration, technical standards, equipment research and development and related fields, giving full play to their respective advantages, and jointly promoting the development of both sides with a relatively poor use environment, so as to serve the local economy. (original text reading)

on November 22, Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and China Unicom Shenzhen branch held a 5g+ industrial interconnection strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shenzhen Yanxiang technology building. The two sides will make full use of their respective advantages in the industry to cooperate closely in the construction of industrial interconnection innovation center, 5g+ industrial interconnection demonstration base, 5g+ digital factory, 5g+ industrial control and other application fields, strengthen resource sharing, coordinate business innovation, and promote 5g+ industrial interconnection technology to serve China's high-quality development. (original reading)

Xianzhi, China Mobile and Ericsson jointly build a 5g smart factory. According to the cooperation agreement, the three parties will, based on the concepts of complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and coordinated development, adhere to the principles of voluntariness, equality and mutual benefit, and focus on theoretical research, industrial applications and market services, jointly expand the joint innovation of 5g, intelligent manufacturing and mobile robot related technologies, standards and applications, so as to promote the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing industry. (original text reading)

on November 8, yingweiteng electric signed a strategic cooperation with Dongguan Ruitian Electromechanical. Yingweiteng and Dongguan Ruitian jointly customized and developed products and solutions from the aspects of products, markets, applications and so on, so as to realize the deep customization of products in the true sense, the transparency of projects, the depth of products in line with the actual application needs, and provide customers with gd350 series products + high-speed fan integrated machine movement + industrial IOT, Professional services in food and beverage, sewage treatment and other industries. (original reading)

at the 28th Annual automation fair of Rockwell Automation held in Chicago, the digital partner program booth, a part of the Rockwell Automation partner Alliance Program, attracted the attention of many participants. The new Rockwell Automation digital partner plans to build a bridge between customer enterprises and market leaders such as Accenture, Microsoft, PTC, ANSYS and EPLAN, bring professional technology and Keqiang Li experimental machine to enterprises, commit to the details of material testing research solutions, simplify the deployment of digital initiatives, and significantly improve quality. (original reading)

Honeywell will appoint Zhang Yufeng as president of Honeywell China, who will be fully responsible for Honeywell's business in China, which is the largest market outside Honeywell's U.S. market. The appointment took effect on November 1. Zhang Yufeng will replace Yu Feng, who previously served as president of Honeywell China. It is reported that Yu Feng became president of Honeywell China on November 15 last year. (original reading)

General Electric announced that Carolina dybeck happe will succeed Jamie Miller as the company's chief financial officer and senior vice president in early 2020. Her appointment will implement the cost reduction plan for general electric, improve operational performance, and create a sustainable environment for General Electric. (original text reading)

on November 18, Guangzhou FANUC robot Co., Ltd. opened in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone Science City. On the same day, a number of new robot products and automation application solutions were unveiled, fully demonstrating the charm of scientific and technological innovation. It is understood that the base project focuses on the R & D, production, manufacturing, exhibition and training of robots and robot systems. (original reading)

on November 21, Renesas electronics, a compatible partner of CC link association, announced the launch of industrial Ethernet communication ic-r-in32m4-cl3 supporting CC link ie TSN. This latest industrial networking product can accelerate the development of CC link ie TSN compatible products. Following Mitsubishi Electric, Renesas electronics is another member company that announced the launch of corresponding products supporting CC link ie TSN. (original reading)

the new controller SIMATIC drive controller integrates the SIMATIC s controller with motion control function, process function and safety function into one device with SINAMICS S120 drive, which significantly saves space and easily realizes a powerful, compact and flexible automation solution. The excellent performance of the new controller is especially suitable for multi axis applications such as packaging machinery, printing machinery and textile machinery. (original text reading)

delta appeared at the Nuremberg SPS intelligent manufacturing solutions exhibition and released the diastudio platform and complete industrial control products. Diastudio, the biggest highlight of delta's exhibition this time, is designed for the development needs of advanced intelligent equipment, and provides integrated model selection and setting software tools for Delta PLC, HMI, servo drive system, frequency converter and other products. (original reading)

ppc-hw1062ct is an industrial tablet computer designed based on Intel Core IU multi-core processor, which has strong computing power and graphics processing ability. Ppc-hw1062ct modular fanless industrial tablet computer is widely used in industrial automation process control, intelligent power control, numerical control equipment manufacturing, environmental protection monitoring, pharmaceutical equipment, food packaging machinery, machine vision inspection, wind power monitoring, solar crystal drawing furnace, tire curing machine and other industrial field environments. (original reading)

November 222019 China Automation Conference was grandly held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. Focusing on the theme of intelligent automation bearing the future, 8 academicians and generals were specially invited to make a report on high-end technologies in automation related fields, such as high-end control equipment and systems, brain science and artificial intelligence, vehicle Federation, Earth Moon space development, etc. What did you say? [original text reading]

although China's industrial software started not late, and even once a hundred flowers bloomed and followed the world's first-class, due to the fact that some competent departments and the vast majority of industrial enterprises in China pay more attention to hardware than software, ignore software construction, hollow key process flows and technical data, and the interruption of the National 863 plan support policies, China's independent industrial software market share, From 25% in the middle and late 1990s to less than 5% at present, key areas have even been wiped out. [original text reading]

it took four years to try high-tech robot factories in Europe and America, but Adidas finally chose to give up the expensive machine production and decided to return to the human factory. On November 11, Adidas, a German sports brand, announced that it plans to close two speed factories in Ansbach, Germany, and Atlanta, the United States by April 2020 at the latest, because the current cost of this technology is too high. This also means that the automatic robot factory project officially put into operation in 2016 has come to an end. (original reading)

in some sorting and transfer centers, a small number of staff operate a huge intelligent sorting system, and they do not see the imagined sea of people and express delivery mountains. It seems that the era of intelligent sorting has come in an all-round way. However, the reality is that intelligent sorting is still in the early stage of popularization, and human sorting is still the mainstream. However, from e-commerce to production lines, intelligent warehousing and logistics are the only way, which will be the next blue ocean battle. (original reading)

insiders said that one of the contents of shared manufacturing is the sharing of manufacturing capacity, mainly including the sharing of manufacturing resources such as production equipment, special tools and production lines; The second is the sharing of innovation ability, which mainly includes the sharing of intellectual resources such as product design and development ability, as well as the sharing of scientific research instruments and equipment and experimental ability; The third is the sharing of service capabilities, which mainly focuses on the sharing of common service needs of enterprises such as logistics warehousing, product testing, equipment maintenance, goods inspection and factory inspection, supply chain management, data storage and analysis. (original reading)

the German robot and automation industry cannot escape the economic slowdown of the mechanical engineering industry: in 2019, this state will affect all sub industries of robot and automation. For machine vision, industry sales are expected to decline by 7%. The largest sub industry integrated assembly solutions are expected to decline by 5%. Robotics companies currently predict a negative 3%. (read the original)

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