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Enterprises speed up the resumption of work and production, and the demand for jobs is gradually increasing. The recruitment fair under the multi ground line is resumed to be held routinely. Release date: Source: Yangcheng Evening News


60 enterprises came to recruit talents

provide more than 1400 jobs

Yangcheng Evening News News: Shen Tingting reported that on the 15th, the Shenzhen talent market successfully held an appointment type talent recruitment fair with "famous enterprises", As the "first show" of the return of the on-site job fair in the talent market since the COVID-19, it attracted 60 enterprises to participate in the fair and provide more than 1400 jobs. Finally, 368 job seekers made an appointment to attend the meeting, and 317 job resumes were received online by the participating enterprises. It is noteworthy that the "appointment of famous enterprises" appointment type talent recruitment fair has been held for 29 times this year, and will be held regularly in Shenzhen talent market on Monday and Wednesday

in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the on-site job fair adopts a small-scale, appointment based and accurate offline communication mode. Employers and job seekers need to make an appointment in advance. A series of epidemic prevention measures such as whole process disinfection and population control have also been taken in the venue

it is reported that the job fair attracted 60 enterprises, including famous enterprises such as China Construction Second Engineering Bureau, Bourne optics and China Guangfa bank, to participate in the fair, involving intelligent manufacturing, computer technology, electronic communications and other industries, providing more than 1400 jobs

"knowing that the offline job fair will restart, we will contact the organizer as soon as possible. If we have one day to attend the fair, we hope to take this opportunity to attract more talents." The relevant person in charge of kezhihao company, the representative attending the meeting, said. Many enterprises admitted that with the gradual improvement of the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation, enterprises have accelerated the resumption of work and production, and the job demand has gradually increased

in order to effectively help enterprises recruit and apply for jobs, this recruitment fair also adopts a combination of online and offline methods. Offline screening resumes in advance and appointment of suitable talents to improve the matching degree of personnel and posts; Online activities are carried out by relying on the Shenzhen talent · ZhangCai Yiyun recruitment platform to publish enterprise recruitment information. Job seekers can view information, submit resumes and make appointments for job fairs; In addition to face-to-face communication with talents at the job fair, participating enterprises can also collect resumes through the platform and use the video interview function to conduct contactless communication with job seekers who cannot be present


Shunde held the first large-scale on-site job fair after the festival

11000 people reached preliminary employment intentions

Yangcheng Evening News - Ouyang Zhiqiang and correspondent Huang manming reported that on the 13th, the "spring warmth in southern Guangdong" Shunde District human resources large-scale job fair in 2021 was held in Shunfeng Mountain Park, Foshan, which is also one of the largest and most influential on-site job fairs in the province. It is reported that 500 enterprises have registered for this job fair, providing 29115 jobs, with more than 26000 people entering the market, and more than 11000 people have preliminarily reached their employment intentions

I learned that the job fair attracted many famous enterprises to sign up, and leading enterprises in various towns and streets such as Midea, country garden, Galanz, Shunde holdings, Weiling electric, Xinbao electric, yizhimi, etc. all appeared. It is noteworthy that the statistical data of Shunde District Labor and Employment Service Center shows that the total number of jobs released by the job fair is 29115, which is nearly twice as many as that of last year under the same scale. In addition, with the accelerating pace of digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of Shunde's traditional industries, enterprises' demand for skilled talents continues to be strong, and the demand for professional skills and R & D positions accounts for 27.6% of all positions, an increase of 0.9 percentage points over last year's job fair

in terms of salary, the overall salary increase of this job fair is about 12%, and the monthly salary of posts is generally concentrated in, an increase of nearly 8% over 2020. The number of high paid positions has increased, and the average salary of R & D personnel above the engineer level has reached 8300

job fairs provide enterprises and job seekers with many high-quality warm-hearted services. On the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, 2 Maintenance of the control system of the plastic tensile testing machine: according to the economic development trend of Shunde District and the industry characteristics of the participating enterprises, the job fair is divided into six recruitment areas to fully cover the needs of all types of job seekers. In addition, the recruitment fair breaks the traditional single "meeting and negotiation" mode, and cooperates with third-party professional evaluation institutions to carry out employment guidance and on-site professional ability evaluation activities, providing job seekers with all-round services from resume production, interview etiquette and skill guidance to professional ability evaluation and career planning. At the same time, a special service area for vocational evaluation and employment docking has been set up for Shunde disabled groups, and accurate employment guidance and recommendation services have been provided


domestic sales talents become a hot pastry

the salary is not cheap, and the benefits are rich

Yangcheng Evening News News News: Yu Xiaoling and correspondent Wang Qian photographic report: on the 13th, the first large-scale offline recruitment fair in Dongguan this year was held at Guancheng Zhitong talent headquarters. More than 300 enterprises provided more than 10000 jobs, mainly for the recruitment of manufacturing technology, marketing management, scientific and technological innovation talents, and some jobs are not cheap, and the benefits are rich

it was learned that well-known enterprises such as Weiyida, jinheitian, Nine Dragons Paper, Guangshun electronics, Liwen paper, COFCO, TTI Chuangke, Lansi technology, rambler, etc. provide operation and technical management positions such as software engineer, domestic sales manager, chief financial officer, enterprise trainer, electronic engineer, construction machinery manager, public Relations Specialist, product director, with an annual salary ranging from 100000 to 480000

with the evolution of market competition, many enterprises in Dongguan actively expand the domestic market, which has brought opportunities and challenges to the product packaging industry. 5. Sales talents who understand the rules of the domestic market, are good at grasping market trends, and are good at product planning and channel development have also become "hot cakes". Good positions also mean high requirements. Dongguan Jingli can making Co., Ltd. recruits a domestic trade manager with a monthly salary of 20000, The prospective job seekers are not only required to be familiar with the cultural and geographical customs of the domestic market, but also required to have more than 5 years of experience in domestic food FMCG and market development and management. Talents who have been engaged in printing and packaging industries are preferred

an audio technology company in Songshanhu, Dongguan, recruited a product manager and offered an annual salary of 480000, requiring its anjianneng company to release two low-density sprayed foam insulation products - anjianneng classic extreme series and anjianneng classic preferred series, which can insight into the development trend, formulate the company's product strategy and plan the product route according to market research, user needs, competitive analysis and brand positioning, Improve product competitiveness and brand reputation. Due to the rapid upgrading of functional or equipment products, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for product managers, which not only require them to love products and innovation, but also have their own successful product IP

according to the relevant person in charge of Zhitong talent, from this Saturday, the on-site job fair will resume to be held routinely. Job seekers can log in to the channel of Zhitong talent on-site job fair on Saturday to pay attention to and make an appointment with the enterprise. They can also choose to apply through online appointment and offline interview, so as to improve the success rate of job hunting

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