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Enterprising entrepreneur -- Chen Huinan, chairman and general manager of Jiangsu China Resources Group Co., Ltd.

Chen Huinan, who joined the work in 68 years, has won the title of excellent entrepreneur in Jiangsu building materials industry, advanced individual of Jiangsu Building Materials Bureau, Suzhou model worker and Jiangsu model worker

in 1981, the agricultural machinery factory was changed to Zhangjiagang glass factory, and Chen Huinan served as the deputy factory director, mainly responsible for the production equipment. 1. The gap between the steel ball and the valve seat was about 0.5mm. In 988, he served as the factory director of the glass factory and was rated as a senior engineer

in 1993, Jiangsu China Resources Group Co., Ltd. was established with the glass factory as the core. Chen Huinan was the chairman and general manager of the company. At present, the enterprise has eight production lines of float glass, with an annual output of 26million heavy boxes of float glass, 8million square meters of Silver mirrors, 6million square meters of processed glass and 1million square meters of microcrystalline decorative plates. Under the leadership of Chen Huinan, the group company has been rated as a star enterprise for many times, Chen Huinan, the first most competitive and AAA rated enterprise in the industry, has also been rated as Suzhou model worker, provincial model worker, excellent Communist Party member and national excellent Township entrepreneur for many times

in the rapidly changing market environment, whoever grasps the first opportunity will grasp the first chance to win. China Resources is a visionary and a forerunner, striving to win the market and win the market with the core concept of "the fastest wins the world"

the idea of "one industry first, industry integration, related operation, involvement in diversification and sustainable development" is the core embodiment of the enterprise's

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Open Management: being good at learning and daring to change is a strong proof of China Resources' open learning attitude, and openness will still be the spiritual support for the further development and expansion of China Resources in the future

recruiting talents and attaching importance to innovation are the guarantee of the vitality of the enterprise and the foundation of the progress of the enterprise. CR has always pursued an activated state within the enterprise, so that the decision-making of the enterprise is always forward-looking, the employees remain positive, and the products continue to push through the old and bring forth the new

only with cohesion can there be creativity. The development history of China Resources is the history of generations of people working together in unity and solidarity; With cohesion, there will be centripetal force. Because of the common goal, Cr resources has the strongest strength, and finally reaches the invincible and unattainable ideal realm of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) extruded profiles qb/t 2133 (9) 5 for interior decoration

we will uphold the enterprise spirit of "openness, vitality, cohesion and permanence", follow the employee code of "enthusiasm, enterprising, self-discipline and innovation", and create a brilliant tomorrow with wisdom and strength

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