A private factory in Quzhou was on fire, with an a

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A private factory in Quzhou was on fire with an area of more than 1000 square meters

a private factory in Quzhou was on fire with an area of more than 1000 square meters

August 6, 2015

[China paint information] at 15:23 on August 4, a fire broke out in a private factory in yujiashantou village, Wantian Township, Quzhou, and Quzhou Fire detachment dispatched Kecheng brigade and special service squadron to deal with it. After more than 8 hours of hard work by all the officers and soldiers participating in the war, the fire was finally put out, and the adjacent plant of more than 2000 square meters was preserved, effectively preventing the fire from affecting the adjacent textile mills, gas companies and residential buildings. The fire area of the accident was more than 1000 square meters, and no casualties were caused

at 15:23 on August 4, Kecheng brigade received an alarm that a fire broke out in a private factory in yujiashantou village, Wantian township. The fire was large and was spreading rapidly. Fire officers and soldiers were asked to go to the rescue. After receiving the alarm, Kecheng brigade quickly dispatched 4 vehicles and 18 people to the scene for rescue

20 minutes later, the officers and soldiers of the squadron arrived at the scene of the fire and found a row of five furniture manufacturing plants on fire. The fire was large, thick smoke billowed, and the roof of the brick and concrete factory was also burned down by the fire. Flames kept rushing out of the roof, the flames danced more than ten meters high, and sparks were flying all over the sky. It was learned from the scene that the workshop where the fire occurred was about 1000 square meters, storing production equipment, a large number of finished and semi-finished furniture, barrel paint, etc. if the fire is not controlled as soon as possible, the fire will spread to the nearby finished product warehouse, and even may affect the adjacent factories, resulting in large volume and greater losses

the commander of the squadron, after analyzing the situation on the scene, divided the combat officers and soldiers into three combat groups. The first group set up water guns in the south of the plant to prevent the fire from spreading to the warehouse; The second group should set up water guns in the west of the dye plant driven by scientific and technological innovation to prevent the fire from affecting neighboring textile mills and gas companies; The third group set up water guns in the east of the plant to suppress the fire. Immediately, the special service squadron of the reinforcement force arrived at the scene, and the commander assigned combat tasks: two fire engines and two hand-held pumps took water from the nearby natural water source to supply water for the fire engines of the main combat Squadron, so as to ensure sufficient water for the fire scene; The police on the scene are responsible for evacuating the higher masses of MFR resin and guarding the scene

the disc was bolted to the experimental machine through the step hole. At 20:40, under the coordination of Wantian township government, excavators were dispatched to cooperate with the rescue. The excavator turned up the whole pile of debris, and the firefighters braved thick smoke to cool the turned up debris with water guns, effectively preventing its re ignition. After more than 2 hours of efforts, more than 1000 square meters of factory buildings were all cooled down by fire officers and soldiers. The fire officers and soldiers told the furniture factory director to assign a special person to guard the scene to ensure that there were no hidden dangers. At present, the cause of the fire is under further investigation

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