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After the implementation of the investment, the total financing reached 28.56 million pounds. BPR should use the flexible strategy

to talk about the experience and experience in business process reengineering. Enterprises that have implemented BPR have mixed feelings. Business restructuring means the redistribution of power and interests, which will inevitably impact the interests of many people and be opposed by many people. The biggest resistance is not from the lower level business personnel, but from the middle-level leaders

95% of enterprise information executives said that in fact, business restructuring is the business of the management. Only when the management attaches importance to it, can it be smoothly promoted. Zhao Hongjun, who used to be the director of the human resources department of Heilongjiang Longdi group and is now the general manager of the group, has a deeper understanding of this: the attention of the leadership is indeed very important, but it is more important for the management to have a deep understanding of this. If we only pay attention to it, but do not recognize the necessity of business restructuring, or do not understand why we need such restructuring, it will inevitably affect the determination and strength of implementation. The phenomenon of giving up halfway has occurred in many enterprises

at that time, Longdi group had a regulation: whoever hindered the implementation of ERP project would be dismissed. With this trump card, Zhao Hongjun, who was the director of the human resources department at the beginning, 8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other unfrozen continue to do a good job in the production and utilization of new materials demonstration platform, testing and evaluation platform construction fluid, and then with the idea of breaking the boat, began to implement, hired the then HAMP consulting company to do business restructuring, and chose a software with a higher management starting point to transform the enterprise

with the successful launch of the system, Zhao Hongjun was also promoted from department director to deputy general manager, and then to general manager. Facing Longdi group, which has embarked on the track of standardized management today, Zhao Hongjun said: "informatization must work hard, not look ahead and backward, not repeatedly. There is only one chance for success or failure."

compared with the bold strategy of Longdi group, more enterprises agree to start with local optimization and gradually promote BPR. Guan Hongzhi, director of the information center of Dalian Locomotive and rolling stock factory, is practicing the BPR strategy of "surrounding the city by the countryside". Guan Hongzhi believes that business restructuring should be carried out slowly, especially in state-owned enterprises. As a manufacturing enterprise, the biggest cost of Dalian Locomotive and rolling stock factory is production, and the resistance to the process optimization and process transformation of the production department is small. 1. Place a sample (single ball) at the center of the lower platen. Therefore, the business transformation starts from the departments with less resistance, such as product research and development, basic data management, etc. when the effect is achieved, the leaders will naturally have an understanding of informatization. With basic data, people's ideas have changed, and deep-seated transformation and overall business restructuring will naturally be easy to start. (end)

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