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Industry experts talk about the top ten digital printing trends in the future

on July 16, the Hong Kong Digital Printing Association and the Hong Kong Productivity Council successfully held a seminar on the top ten digital printing trends that you should not know. A number of industry experts discussed with you and provided suggestions on how to reduce the weight of body panels in post-secondary schools, reducing the focus of polar 1. The operation cost of Ricoh (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., corelcorporation and finished products will also be reduced, and the full support of many institutions such as initial clamping force Dalun Technology Co., Ltd. and greater China printing art will be provided. Nearly 150 guests attended the event, including friends from the design, printing, academic, information technology and manufacturing industries

the seminar was chaired by Mr. He Liangtong, executive member of the Hong Kong Digital Printing Association, and invited Mr. Lu Longhua, data analysis consultant of Ricoh (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Qinglin, general manager of Jinhao Systems Co., Ltd., Mr. Qu Zhiwei, general manager of Jinglun Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Su Kaiyuan, senior product manager of Lianqiang International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd Together with Deng Manqiu, chairman of the Hong Kong Digital Printing Association, and many other industry experts, we discussed the following ten digital printing trends:

1 Electronic media and print media will be balanced

kjet will become the mainstream technology of digital printing

3 Digital printing can be faster

4 Enter the era of full digital diect

5 Fully automated color management

6 More than 1000 lines

7 Digital printing spot color ink

8 Metal fluorescent ink appears

9 The integration direction of the printing industry

10. Popularization of 3D printing

many suppliers on the scene showed the latest products and samples, including the sample of infoprint5000 high-speed inkjet printer brought by Ricoh, which showed that inkjet technology has the conditions to become the mainstream of digital printing in terms of speed and quality. The magnificent printing products displayed by Fuji Xerox and Jinglun technology, as well as coreldrawgraphicssuite professional graphic design software displayed by Corel, also attracted the interest of many viewers

at the seminar, the trend of popularization of 3D printing was aroused σ 0.2 shows the great attention of the on-site audience. The association also took this opportunity to preview the upcoming event on September 5. From imagination to reality: starting from 3D printing, 3D printing technology and its applications will be introduced in detail. Please pay close attention

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