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Industry event - the 15th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition 2018 opened on May 25

once a year. The three-day 15th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition will be held in hall 2 of poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou on May. This exhibition aims to promote the consumption of Chinese paper hrc:20 ~ 70 industry, technical exchanges, and expand China's and international markets, and set up several special exhibition areas, such as paper industry exhibition, pulp and paper equipment exhibition, Paper Chemicals Exhibition, etc, More than 200 enterprises from home and abroad participated in the exhibition, Comprehensively display all kinds of paper (including cultural office paper, ink "> printing and packaging paper, special paper, industrial paper) Pulp and paper equipment, paper chemicals and other new products and technologies. Build a one-stop purchasing platform for buyers in the paper distribution, printing, packaging, labeling, tobacco and alcohol, food and beverage, gift and stationery industries at home and abroad

the gathering of famous enterprises in the industry predicts the trend of the industry

this exhibition has received the support of well-known enterprises such as Nine Dragons Paper, Liwen paper, Huatai Paper, Guangzhou paper, Hongyuan paper mill, Hongyuan pulp and paper, Abbott, Tianjin Zhongchao, Yunda paper equipment, Yalujiang mill, Qingdao Jinye machinery, Fujian light machinery, OPEC, Li Feng machinery, Bowei machinery, Feierte blanket, China building materials Light Institute and so on

foreign paper and equipment supporting enterprises aim at the Chinese market

China's strong demand in the paper market has attracted the attention of foreign paper and equipment supporting enterprises. In this exhibition, SMS Smith, Rasha Caspian, Krishna tissues, am trading, Dong IL canvas engineering, Pardis kaghaz pazh parsian, Tirupati and other production packaging paper, special paper, starch Provide ink "> enterprises with waste paper and environmental protection solutions have made their debut in the Chinese market through the international platform of the 15th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition 2018, and are looking forward to the sparks of business cooperation with buyers at the exhibition.

paper chemicals exhibitors provide technical support for green and sustainable development

how should the transformation and upgrading of China's paper industry be achieved, and enter the green and sustainable road from high-speed development to high-quality development? Junneng chemical Huimei starch, Dingsheng environmental protection, Sixin technology, photosensitive chemical industry, SMX SMS starch, Hongsheng chemical industry, Aote fine powder, Sentai biology, Hengda chemical industry, Yipin pigment, Daoqin biology and other papermaking chemical enterprises will give answers. The exhibitors of papermaking chemicals will implement environmental protection production

hundred schools of thought contend the annual brand event of special paper industry

nearly 100 special paper enterprises participate in the exhibition at each session of Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition. Some well-known specialty paper enterprises participating in 2018 include: Anhui zhoulai, Jiali decoration, Junlong, weekday Union, Guangdong Zhujiang special paper, Guangzhou Xinzhu paper, Guangzhou Zhujiang special paper, Bailong, jinhongfeng, Kyushu Fangyuan, Peibo, Baifu, danshibo, Tianrong, fordley, Xinyi Lantian, Qingtao, Jianlu decoration, Lvjia, Yantai Longxiang, Mingsheng industry, jiaweikang special paper, Anhui Zhongya, Longtai, Chengxi Fumin Tengyi, Hongyi, Jiemei, Intertek, Abbott digital paper, Yongtian packaging, juzhonghui paper, Jianfa paper, Eden, Xinchenyang, Jiamin, Xinyue, Shilin, shengxinglong paper, etc

29 kinds of new chemical materials in the fields of special rubber, engineering plastics, film materials, electronic chemicals and so on have been listed in the advanced basic materials category. Looking ahead to the market forecast, the 2018 third ten provinces (avoiding window protective film carbonization) paper industry exchange conference

in order to promote the technical product cooperation and exchange of China's paper industry, explore the feasible development ways of the paper industry, and understand the development trends of the paper industry in key provinces, Promote the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure of the paper industry, and the third paper industry exchange meeting with the theme of new situation, new challenges and sustainable development will be held on May 25. Leaders from the associations of environmental protection, taxation and key papermaking provinces will attend the meeting, provide shoulder end and rib end sample tooling, interpret the new policy, and analyze the development of the paper industry in each province. Industry experts from Voith intelligent control, Jiangsu Sixin Technology Guangzhou Co., Ltd. and zhuochuang information will work with participants to discuss in-depth hot topics such as the new waste paper deal, pulp trends, the implementation of new national environmental protection regulations, and industrial sustainable development under the new situation

on May, the annual paper industry event -- the 15th Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition 2018 and the 3rd ten province (District) paper industry exchange 2018, paper is waiting for you

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