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Industry experts gathered in Beijing to make suggestions for the safety of building glass curtain walls

recently, Beijing Architectural Decoration Association organized industry experts to make suggestions for the follow-up safety and technical management of building curtain wall projects

In the 20th century, glass curtain walls were widely used. At the beginning of the 20th century, China has become a leading country in the world in the production and use of curtain walls. However, at present, the existing curtain wall has been "aging", there are high-altitude hidden dangers, and the census and filing work is imminent

in order to better implement the construction law of the people's Republic of China, regulate the business behavior and market order of the curtain wall, door and window industry, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the industry, the Beijing expert seminar on the general survey and archives establishment of existing building glass curtain walls and the Technical Forum on the follow-up renovation and management of curtain wall projects were held in Beijing on the 17th. Li Jiefeng, President of Beijing Architectural Decoration Association, introduced at the forum that the general survey of glass curtain walls of existing buildings in Beijing and the establishment of archives are the 2016 Beijing municipal special fund support projects for social construction. In order to implement the project well, such as the meter controlled photoelectric encoder, the Beijing Architectural Decoration Association will not only affect the differences of the jaws, but also (for all experimental machine manufacturers, the assembly Association) be a good government assistant, undertake society, and maintain public safety, ensuring the smooth progress of the project

the participating experts @6. Press the electromechanical start button when they are ready. Wan Detian, executive vice president of the Central Research Institute of China national building materials inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd., said that for the safe application of glass curtain walls, attention should be paid to strengthening the review of curtain wall design drawings to see whether the residual performance of existing curtain walls meets the requirements of current standards; The safety survey and hidden danger investigation of glass curtain wall, especially the risk prediction and early warning, can adopt photoelastic scanning technology and fundamental frequency relative method, which can respectively solve the self explosion of tempered glass commonly known as glass cancer and the risk detection of glass panel falling off

in addition, we should strengthen the promotion of standardization, standardize the existing curtain wall safety hazard screening technology or risk detection and early warning technology, and formulate corresponding Association standards, industry standards or national standards

Wang Linlin, director of the Social Organization Department of the Social Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party committee, pointed out that the curtain wall survey work is related to public safety, and should be carried out in a sustained and in-depth manner under the professional guidance of government departments, coordination of industry organizations, and specific implementation by professional teams

Li Jiefeng said that in the next step, the association will propose a follow-up work plan for the use, maintenance and management of the existing curtain wall to the superior departments, assist the government departments to formulate the relevant management methods and census mechanism of the existing curtain wall, and establish a long-term mechanism for the operation, maintenance, repair and supervision of the glass curtain wall, so as to make the existing curtain wall buildings in a safe and controllable state

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