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Focus on industry product power: Yijia paint makes high-quality building paint imitation stone paint more people-friendly

focus on industry product power: Yijia paint makes high-quality building paint imitation stone paint more people-friendly

December 14, 2020

in recent years, imitation sealant stone paint has become popular across the country with its safety, environmental protection, practical and beneficial characteristics, and major construction enterprises have used imitation stone paint for exterior wall decoration to solve common problems left over from exterior walls

relying on the advantages of military scientific research resources and the national industrial policy of converting military to civilian use, detai chemical, which has specialized in paint making for more than 30 years, has successfully used the core-shell technology and organic-inorganic hybrid technology of military industry, independently developed a new generation of scientific and technological exterior wall coating products with complete independent intellectual property rights of crbard (United States), redefined the field of stone like paint, and has long adhered to the exploration of health, environmental protection, practicality and high living quality, It will give a strong shot to break through the "epidemic" situation

Yijia high-quality architectural paint imitates stone paint, which can brush the effect similar to marble and granite. It is mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors. It can be used as exterior wall, relief, beam column and other special-shaped wall decoration; It is also suitable for murals on exterior walls; In addition, it can also be used for interior decoration, arts and crafts and urban sculpture, and for the decoration of indoor square columns, columns, gypsum roman columns and ceilings, which can produce the effect of confusing the false with the real

what are the advantages of Yijia imitation stone paint

widely applicable - its decorative effect is comparable to that of stone, and it is more suitable for shaping various artistic shapes than stone. It can be used for cement brick wall, gypsum and other base surfaces, and is suitable for all kinds of industrial and civil buildings. High safety - the material used for stone like paint is only 1.5 kg/㎡, less than 1/30 of the weight of the stone. It has strong adhesion and will not fall off as a whole like the stone, effectively ensuring safety. Self cleaning and antifouling - with high silicon and fluorine content, 90% of the dirt is difficult to adhere, and it is still bright as new after being washed by rain. Natural decorative effect - dense and non flowery, with the texture of natural stone, various line grid designs, and can provide various three-dimensional pattern structures. Economical - compared with the cost of dry hanging stone, which is often hundreds of yuan or thousands of yuan per square meter, the price of imitation stone paint is preferential and the cost performance ratio is very high

based on the multiple advantages of stone like paint in the above architectural coatings, Ditai Yijia brand is committed to building a healthy and comfortable architectural coating for human habitation, and constantly explores the "high-quality" boundary of human habitation, which has injected inexhaustible impetus into the development of enterprises

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