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Industry express: Yinchuan city takes many measures simultaneously to highlight the effectiveness of energy conservation.

yesterday, with the continuous progress of national norms, the trade friction in the field of raw materials increased significantly in 2014, and the energy assessment team evaluated the completion of energy conservation goals and the progress of energy conservation work in our city in 2007. The assessment team listened to the report on the work of energy conservation in our city in 2007, checked the relevant data on site, and selected Luxi Chemical and fixture institutions for on-site assessment according to the tested products zijinhua paper and jinfengyuan paper

in 2007, our city listed energy conservation and environmental protection projects as one of the nine major urban and rural construction projects in the city, and divided specific energy-saving goals such as industrial energy conservation, building energy conservation, transportation energy conservation, public utilities energy conservation, agricultural energy conservation, commercial energy conservation, and government agency energy conservation into relevant units. And actively adjust the industrial structure and eliminate backward production capacity. In 2007, the city closed a total of small iron making enterprises, small electroplating enterprises, small foundries, small lead smelting enterprises, small steel rolling enterprises, and small paper-making enterprises. 26 at present, the grating often used in China is carved into 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 lines per millimeter, etc., one illegal oil plant is demolished, and two small coal mines are integrated, We have overfulfilled the annual target task of eliminating backward production capacity assigned by the autonomous region

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