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Industry grand ceremony, China paint won four awards

industry grand ceremony, China paint won four awards

June 11, 2019

recently, "the 30th anniversary celebration of Guangdong coating industry association and 2019 Guangdong coating industry development conference" was grandly held in Jiangmen Heshan Four Points Sheraton Hotel. Mr. Zeng Jianming, regional sales manager of China paint Guangzhou, attended the commendation meeting on behalf of more than 600 people on the scene

Guangdong coating industry association is a coating industry association established in the late 1980s. It has a group of senior coating experts and engineering technicians to serve the coating industry in the province. This conference aims to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Guangdong coating industry association, comprehensively display the remarkable achievements made by Guangdong coating in the past 30 years, and find the source power of "Guangdong coating starts again". This time, Zhonghua paint once again demonstrated its strength with its brand, and won recognition with its strength. It won the honors of "Guangdong top 30 coating enterprises" and "Guangdong coating industry association 30-year growth enterprise". Its giraffe paint won the honor of "Guangdong excellent architectural coating brand" and its toy brand won the honor of "Guangdong excellent industrial coating brand"

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the products of giraffe paint brand under China paint are widely involved in various fields such as architectural coatings, wood home decoration, furniture paint, automobile surface coating, etc., which can fully meet the needs of all kinds of consumers for home decoration to remove the residual bubbles in resin raw materials and protection. Its related products have been unanimously praised in the water-based coatings, furniture coatings, automobile repair industry. Recently, the new giraffe brand without adding children's paint adheres to the concept of environmental protection and health. It is customized for children, without adding clean taste, safe and environmental protection, combined with personalized color schemes, and has the strength to create a genuine and healthy home space for children, enjoying high popularity and reputation. The brand has won the product honor of "Guangdong famous brand", the "top ten waterproof paint brands in China" and the "famous brand award of Chinese wood paint" for many times "Guangdong Province (industry) famous brand products" and many other titles

giraffe brand without added children's paint

toy brand was born in the 1970s. It uses advanced production technology, adopts high-quality raw materials, and scientific and environmental protection formula. It has been trusted by customers for many years. It is sold all over Hong Kong, Macao and China, and exported to all parts of Southeast Asia. It provides first-class products and services, which are widely used in the toy industry and clothing accessories industry, and has passed the Oeko tex Standard 100 certification, In 2015, toy paint first passed the PAHs class I standard, and won many honorary titles, such as "influential brand of light industrial coatings", "China anticorrosive coating brand award", Shenzhen toy industry association "2018 excellent supplier for considering the impact of box printing on compressive strength", and "China's top 100 enterprises in the paint industry in a century"

87 years ago, Zhonghua paint did not forget its original intention, created the brand-name product effect of real materials with quality, constantly studied new formulas, integrated new packaging, and continued to introduce and integrate the latest paint making technology. It always adhered to the consistent principle of "quality and service", took green environmental protection coating as the technical guidance, and will continue to move forward in the future

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