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Industry exposure: Ganzhou painters have an amazing number of rebates

industry exposure: Ganzhou painters have an amazing number of rebates

July 17, 2006

"if you spend more than 1000 yuan on painting the house until the sample is damaged, then more than 300 yuan may fall into the painter's pocket." Recently, Mr. Shen, who has been engaged in decoration work for 18 years and has his own decoration team, revealed this to him

Mr. Shen said that in the paint market, giving rebates to painters is an open "secret" in the industry. In Ganzhou decoration market, the phenomenon of painters taking kickbacks is also very common. Because the paint sales volume of paint dealers largely depends on the publicity and purchase of painters. Painters and paint dealers have formed a community of interests and reached a certain "tacit understanding". Painters earn high rebates by recommending or purchasing a certain kind of paint on behalf of owners, and these rebates are all paid by consumers without knowing it. On the 13th, an investigation was conducted

insiders have an amazing number of paint rebates

Mr. Shen is from Dalian. He has worked in the housing decoration industry for 18 years, from doing odd jobs for others to now having his own decoration team. At the beginning of this year, invited by his friends, he came to Ganzhou to decorate his friends' Villas. In Ganzhou for nearly half a year, he found that there was a serious phenomenon of commercial bribery in Ganzhou paint industry, that is, painters ate kickbacks. He said that he couldn't bear to watch the vast number of consumers being cheated, so he found Ganzhou evening news

painters and merchants "unite"

Mr. Shen said that painters' rebate has become a hidden rule in the industry, which exists in many places, but this phenomenon is more common in Ganzhou, with more rebates. Ordinary people are laymen in the quality, performance and price of paint, and most homeowners listen to the recommendations of painters or decoration companies. Therefore, paint dealers must rely on the recommendation of painters to occupy the market quickly

generally, before selling paint, paint dealers should calculate the rebate to painters and increase the paint price. Mr. Shen said that the paint rebates in Ganzhou are among the best in the whole industry. Other cities only sell paint for more than 100 yuan a group, and in Ganzhou they sell more than 300 yuan, a large part of which is given to painters. In Ganzhou, the rebates given to painters generally range from 50 yuan to 70 yuan per group of paint, and some rebates are calculated according to the total price of the paint sold, mostly 20% to 30% of the total price

painters have many kinds of kickbacks

most painters are "salesmen" of one or more paint brands, and they know each other with paint dealers. After receiving the employer's employment, the painter will recommend several paints that he has long been in contact with to the employer. Another is to tell the employer that he is familiar with a boss and can buy them at a lower price. The employer turns around with the paint and the painter goes to the store to get a rebate

now, many people have heard that painters eat rebates, so they avoid painters to buy paint by themselves, but painters can still get rebates. He just needs to make a call and tell several paint shops about the owner's house and. After the owner buys the paint, he will know what brand of paint the owner buys, and then make a call to the dealer of this brand to get a rebate

throw away the paint for more kickbacks

some owners don't listen to the recommendation of painters and buy paint of other brands. Some painters will cheat in the paint bought by the owners themselves. Because the paint is still a semi-finished product before modulation, it can only be painted after the modulation of painters, and modulation is a key link. Good paint also needs the modulation of painters. Therefore, if some painters fail to get kickbacks as expected, they will deliberately make it very poor, brush it on the wall with bubbles or poor gloss, and some adjust it too thinly to brush it on the wall, and then tell the owner that the paint quality is not good, and they must change the paint until it meets his requirements

in order to get more rebates, some painters will secretly pour the paint into the sewer and let the owner buy it again, so that he can get rebates again. Some painters also take advantage of being familiar with paint dealers to secretly mention the owner's paint to the store and sell it

the investigation rebate reached 100 yuan per group

on the 13th, after a friend introduced him to a paint shop on Hakka Avenue in Ganzhou City and explained his intention, the boss admitted that it was common for painters to eat rebates in Ganzhou, and every paint dealer would give rebates to painters. Paint dealers should rely on painters to survive. Painters are their God. They should have a good relationship with all painters and strive for their recommendation of products. They should not only give rebates to painters, but also lose a smile at ordinary times and often invite painters to dinner. The boss said that the paint market in Ganzhou was disturbed by some miscellaneous brands of paint. The purchase price of these paints was only a few dozen yuan, but they sold more than 200 yuan in Ganzhou market. The profit margin was very large, which could give painters high kickbacks. As a well-known brand, his paint purchase price is high and his profit margin is small. He does not want to give rebates to painters, but there is no way. The whole market is like this. There is no market without rebates. Now, a large part of the competition among paint dealers is in the competition of rebates. Whoever gives more rebates, the paint will sell easily. The painter's rebate is higher than the dealer's profit

in Dongqiao Road, Ganzhou City, he went into a paint shop with the staff of the industrial and commercial department as the boss of the decoration company. The female boss of the store first asked for a business card, saying that she was working on a project in Nanchang and had just arrived at Ganzhou for development. Before she could print it, she would give it to her another day, and said that she had received a lot of business and planned to use the paint in her store. The boss believed it. Immediately, the boss took out two price lists, but the prices of the same goods were different. One series of 9kg paint, primer is 328 yuan/group, finish is 388 yuan/group, while the other price list is marked with primer 245 yuan/group, finish 268 yuan/group. According to the boss, the front price list is for the owner, and the back one is for the painter. If the owner buys it himself, he will give the front price, and the maximum discount will be 10%, while the painter's rebate is the 10% discount on the front price list. Then check whether the wiring falls off and subtract the number on the back price list. Each group of rebates constitutes a defect of nearly 100 yuan. If the boss of the decoration company comes to buy it, it will be cheaper. The above primer is only 200 yuan/group, and the finishing coat is 240 yuan/group

consumers call for cracking down on this kind of commercial bribery

insiders also revealed that the unhealthy trend of giving rebates to painters and decorators in the market has a long history and has become an open "secret" in the industry. Some manufacturers simply issue a bank card to painters or other decorators, and give the corresponding rebate amount to the bank card according to the number of products recommended by painters. The practice of giving rebates directly raises the market price of products

it is understood that according to the current population and development of Ganzhou City, only 50 paint dealers can be fed, but now there are more than 100 paint dealers in Ganzhou City, which have been oversaturated. Under the situation of white hot competition in the paint market, some illegal operators can survive only through collusion with painters. This kind of unfair competition behavior has seriously disturbed the normal order of the market, resulting in some regular dealers having to sell products by giving rebates to painters. However, when merchants and painters make a lot of money by cheating, innocent consumers suffer. During the interview, many consumers hoped that the relevant departments would crack down on this kind of commercial bribery in order to safeguard the interests of consumers and create a market environment of fair competition

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