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Industry experts talk about the development path of plastic additives during the "12th Five Year Plan"

Gong Liucheng, vice chairman of the professional committee of plastic additives of China Plastics Processing Industry Association:

it is imperative to adjust the product structure of China's additives during the "12th Five Year Plan". Plasticizers should increase the output of non phthalate esters, such as epoxy soybean oil and trimellitic acid esters; The stabilizer should reduce the proportion of lead salts and increase the output of calcium/zinc composite, low lead rare earth, hydrotalcite and organic heat stabilizer; Flame retardants should reduce the proportion of halogens and vigorously develop inorganic flame retardants. At the same time, we should actively respond to the environmental protection regulations of the European Union and the requirements of non-toxic environmental protection products at home and abroad. Plastic additives enterprises should work together with universities and scientific research institutes to change the unreasonable product structure and develop environmentally friendly additives. In addition, the state should also provide policy and financial support

Zhang Yongxiang, vice president of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Plastic Industry Association:

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's plastic additives industry should enhance its awareness of innovation and strengthen independent innovation. China's plastic additives industry started relatively late, mostly with imported technology, and many enterprises are satisfied with the use of imported technology without innovation, so that products have remained the same for more than ten years, and there are few high-end product specifications and varieties. In today's world, plastic additives are becoming more and more refined, and plastic products have more and more requirements for the functions of additives. Most domestic additives enterprises are still producing high-quality goods, and their innovation awareness and ability are not strong as a whole. In fact, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi and other places in China are rich in rare earth resources, and have unique advantages in the research, development and application of rare earth additives. We can make full use of this advantage to vigorously develop rare earth composite stabilizers with low lead content

Chen Yu, President of Guangdong South China Institute of fine chemicals:

environmental protection and energy conservation have become the prerequisites for the development of plastic additives. New additives must reflect the basic principles of environmental protection and energy conservation in order to specifically consider their functionality, efficiency, diversity, field expansion and other requirements. At present, the production of plastic additives in China still has not got rid of the situation of few varieties, small scale, workshop site and extensive management. Compared with foreign large-scale auxiliary enterprises, after deducting low labor cost, low pollution emission cost, low standard assembly line quantity and other factors, the process cost of domestic enterprises is much higher than that of foreign enterprises, and the scale accumulation benefit is lower. During the 12th Five Year Plan, China's auxiliary industry should pay more attention to how to improve the added value of products in the application market, and consider adopting enhanced production process technology to reduce process consumption costs and emission costs and improve profit margins. The strengthening technology of auxiliary production process should start with shortening the process, improving the process conversion efficiency, reducing or recycling by-products and solvents, reducing the total amount of emissions, continuous intermittent process, large-scale production and so on

Shi Huiruo, chief engineer of Hangzhou Sanye new materials Co., Ltd.:

the development of new heat stabilizers in China is emerging one after another. During the "12th Five Year Plan", the heat stabilizer industry should focus on adjusting the product structure, conforming to the trend of environmental protection, expanding the production scale and improving the industrial concentration. Increase the production of calcium/zinc composite varieties and organotin and its composite products, especially the research, development and production of multifunctional, composite, efficient, non-toxic and tasteless heat stabilizers. Lead salt heat stabilizers should continue to develop towards dust-free composite lead; Calcium/zinc composite stabilizer is easy to increase global warming potential by 130% in the plasticization process Induce excessive plasticization of dry mixture, and the viscosity and elasticity in the later stage cannot reach the ideal, which can not meet the needs of hard PVC production; Organotin heat stabilizers should solve the problem of high manufacturing cost; The research and development of organic compound heat stabilizers should be strengthened; Organic antimony heat stabilizers have price advantages. At present, the antimony stabilizers developed in China are mainly tri antimony and composite antimony stabilizers, which can realize the experiments of simply supported beam and cantilever beam. China is rich in antimony resources, and the development of organic antimony stabilizers has broad prospects; Hydrotalcite heat stabilizer is a kind of non-toxic auxiliary heat stabilizer with great development prospects. It is necessary to speed up the promotion of industrial and chemical industry

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