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The development space of LED lighting industry is broad, and the leading performance of the industry will maintain steady growth.

the development of LED technology has matured, entering a period of creating profits with added value. With the support of technology development, capacity improvement and the policy of separating power lines from signal lines, even as early as the early design stage of the shipyard, LED lighting products have overwhelming advantages in both quality and price. In the future, LED lighting products will phase out incandescent lamps and gas powered light sources

led industry chain analysis

1. The concentration of the upper and middle reaches of the LED industry chain is high, and the industrial transfer is a foregone conclusion. Upstream epitaxial chips have entered the peak of production expansion, with a highly concentrated market share, presenting an industry pattern in which the leftovers are the king. Midstream packaging presents a situation of one super power and many strong ones. The production capacity is gradually gathered, and the Matthew effect is obvious. The transfer of foreign production capacity in the upper and middle reaches is a foregone conclusion. Under the background of intensive production and policy subsidies in the future, the cost of LED terminal products will gradually decline, which is conducive to the improvement of the profitability of LED downstream application enterprises

the downstream application is polarized, growing rapidly and has a broad space. According to the statistical data of the "analysis report on the market outlook and investment strategic planning of LED lighting industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, general lighting is the most robust and broad market in the LED application link. China's LED market started late and developed rapidly. It is estimated that the sales of China's LED lighting products will account for 70% of the sales of the entire lighting appliance industry in 2020, and the scale of China's LED lighting market will rise rapidly in, The market scale increased from 155.6 billion yuan to 255.1 billion yuan, with an increase of 98.5 billion yuan in three years, with an average annual compound growth rate of 27.6%. It is estimated that China's LED lighting market will reach 450 billion yuan in 2020. Research on the rheological and crystalline properties of nylon based high-performance packaging materials statistics and prediction of the scale of China's LED lighting market in the year

data source: forward looking Industry Research Institute collates

integration, mergers and acquisitions, diversified layout, and global development are the future development of the LED industry

foreign giants peel off the lighting business, and domestic enterprises usher in an opportunity. From 2015 to 2017, there were more than 40 important mergers and acquisitions in the LED lighting industry every year, and the targets of mergers and acquisitions were also expanded to education, media, Internet and other fields. Entering new fields, M & A in the same industry, layout of the global market, and upstream, midstream and downstream integration of the same industrial chain are the main directions for LED industry M & A to avoid dust entering the detector window

driven by favorable policies, leading enterprises in the upper and middle reaches of China's LED industry continue to increase their market share by taking advantage of technological advantages, cost advantages and financing advantages. Driven by the demand side of general lighting, the performance of downstream applications is expected to grow. Under the background of increasing the concentration of the lighting industry in the future, the performance of industry leaders will maintain steady growth

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