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LED lighting has broad application space and promising achievements in various fields.

"Jiangsu station of China Lighting Distribution Market Summit" was solemnly kicked off on August 25, 2013 in the "China lamp city" - brilliant lamp Market in Zou District, Changzhou City. As the sponsor of the summit, xuzhiwei, general manager of Dongshan lighting, also attended the event as a guest speaker, bringing a wonderful speech on "2013 lighting industry product application and analysis" to the on-site participants. The Jiangsu station of China Lighting Distribution Market Summit kicked off grandly on August 25th, 2013 in Guanghui lamp Market in Zou District, Changzhou City, which is also an area that the central government does not want to see. As the sponsor of the summit, xuzhiwei, general manager of Dongshan lighting, also attended the event as a guest speaker, bringing to the on-site participants a wonderful speech on "2013 lighting industry product application and points welcome to consult and analyze"

recently, Xu Zhiwei said that led lighting has a wide application space. In the past decade, LED has been mainly used in LED backlight, LED display screen, LED signal lamp and LED lighting. The rapid development of LED technology in recent years has allowed more LEDs to be used in the general lighting industry. With the continuous decline of the cost of LED lighting and the introduction of environmental protection policies in various countries, it has become possible for LED lighting to replace traditional lighting: supermarket lighting, office lighting, indoor display lighting, industrial lighting, Daoming lighting LED lighting is constantly expanding the market space and will make great achievements in various fields

enterprises with fierce competition can win the favor of dealers only by practicing their internal skills.

online monitoring system, etc.

however, nowadays, the competition in LED lighting channels is becoming more and more fierce. Xu Zhiwei believes that led lighting enterprises should improve channel management. First, LED lighting enterprises should practice their internal skills well in order to win the favor of dealers. He introduced that while Dongshan lighting vertically integrates the whole industrial chain and late development advantages from chip packaging to application, it will give full play to the unique advantages accumulated by the listed parent company Dongshan precision in the traditional precision manufacturing industry and LED backlight industry, and will be based on the LED lighting market with excellent product quality and excellent product cost performance. He said: in the era of LED lighting enterprises' scuffle, whose products are more in line with market demand, who will win the favor of more dealers

secondly, for a period of time, the market for LED lighting products to replace traditional lighting products still exists and dominates, and the customizable and diversified appearance of LED lighting products will gradually be released and become the development trend in the future. In view of this, Dongshan lighting puts the flat and professional construction of channels in the first place

led lighting requires traditional dealers to have stronger professional ability

from the perspective of sales channel construction, LED lighting is obviously different from traditional lighting, and it also has different requirements for dealers. Traditional dealers may be faced with the test of changing with the trend. Xu Zhiwei pointed out that led lighting itself is an emerging industry, coupled with its more customized demand, which requires dealers to have a stronger professional ability. That is to say, traditional dealers should develop towards specialization. He said that in the process of market development, the government should give different support policies to different dealers, some focusing on professional knowledge training, some requiring business guidance, and some requiring certain financial support

at present, new LED lighting enterprises, traditional lighting brand enterprises and the original home lighting brand enterprises are actively laying out LED lighting product channels, and the three have their own advantages. Xu Zhiwei said: at present, the LED lighting industry has not been able to produce excellent industry brands like traditional lighting. It is too early to talk about the leader. Enterprises with high cost performance, clear target markets and reasonable distribution of sales points will win

build a sales system combining sales channels, product promotion and traditional channels

in recent years, the rapid development of lighting e-commerce has also attracted the attention of many lighting enterprises relying on traditional channels. This new channel field is a challenge and an opportunity. How to enter and how to open the civil market through e-commerce has become a problem that many enterprises have begun to actively explore. In this regard, Xu Zhiwei believes that with the post-80s and post-90s Internet generation gradually becoming the main consumer, the rapid development of online media and the rapid growth of online shopping provide a new possibility for the sales channel of the entire LED lighting industry. At present, e-commerce channels are mainly limited to the civil market and are sensitive to prices. It is a good choice for enterprises to make profits with the help of low-cost volume

at the same time, he said that at present, e-commerce in the lighting industry is in a stage of rapid development. It is an important problem to be solved urgently that how to combine the sales channel, brand promotion and offline traditional channel to form a sales system that can be comparable with foreign products in terms of accuracy, performance stability and appearance modeling

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