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LED lamp pole screen - display screen on smart road lamp pole

(original title: LED lamp pole screen - display screen on smart road lamp pole)

LED lamp pole screen - display screen on smart road lamp pole

in recent years, with the development of LED display screen industry, many enterprises are expected to flock, followed by excess LED output. Price war and homogenization have gradually diluted the profits of the whole industry, and the competition in LED display screen industry has become increasingly fierce, In order to seize market share, LED display enterprises seek breakthroughs in the application end of products, and LED light pole screen came into being. So, in today's large screen, why can led light pole screen occupy a place in the outdoor advertising market

outdoor LED large screen advertising is limited led pole screen "small and broad"

due to the popularity of LED large screen in outdoor advertising media, high-quality screen installation location is becoming a scarce resource for outdoor advertising. In addition, the light pollution caused by LED large screen has not increased and improved to varying degrees, and the favorable factors have a negative impact on urban management. The approval process of outdoor installation location of LED large screen has become more and more complex and difficult. In recent years, the negative impact of the global economic downturn has a great impact on other digital media except landmark digital media. In recent years, LED advertising screen advertising has generally declined

driven by such background factors, the restriction of outdoor video media slowly opening the oil delivery valve exhibition is gradually highlighted, and the demand for small-area LED light pole screens is gradually highlighted. The LED lamp pole screen occupies a small area, which can make full use of the space and greatly improve the practicality of the LED lamp pole screen

because the street lamp pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous playback, it is always accompanied by HD street lamp screen playback content no matter how far you drive on the highway. The light pole screen not only has unique advantages in road guidance, road condition broadcast, information release, advertising promotion and so on, but also plays a considerable role in alleviating the fatigue driving of car drivers on the highway

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from the perspective of advertising effect, LED light pole screen has the characteristics of multi-point delivery, forming a scale effect in a certain area. For example, in a certain road section, all the light poles are equipped with LED light pole screens. In addition to the technology of joint broadcasting, dozens, hundreds or even more light pole screens play the same advertisement at the same time, which has a strong visual impact on consumers or invisible consumers and can also deepen their memory of advertisements. Therefore, the effect of such advertisements is no less than that of outdoor large screen advertisements

in addition, the large outdoor LED advertising screen not only occupies a large space area, but also costs a lot. Taking P10 outdoor full-color LED display screen as an example, assuming that the size area is 50m2, according to the market situation, the price is about 4500 yuan/m2, and the cost of such a 50m2 LED screen is 4500*50=225000 yuan. The cost of a LED light pole screen is about 10000 yuan. On the basis of the same price, users can buy about 22.5 LED light pole screens, and users can choose the purchase quantity according to the needs of the road section. Therefore, in the same capital investment, the advertising effect of LED light pole screen is a little worse than that of outdoor LED screen, even better

LED light pole screen PK traditional light box advertising video playback technology is superior

LED light pole screen is a display screen installed on the street light pole, which is suitable for the installation and use of street light poles on both sides of highways and streets. The emergence of LED light pole screen is mainly to replace the advertising of light pole light box on the market. At present, light box advertisements and double-sided advertisements on the market can discharge up to two advertisements, and the customer group needs to change once a few months. The number of advertisements placed is limited, while the LED light pole screen can discharge advertisements without limitation, while the LED light pole screen can place dozens of advertisements at the same time, so the utilization rate of light pole advertisements will increase accordingly

on the other hand, in terms of visual impact, light box advertising, print advertising, and LED light pole screen can display dynamic video advertising, which is also more attractive in the form of delivery. Comparatively speaking, dynamic advertisements have stories and plots. No matter whether anyone is watching them or not, as long as they are broadcast, there will always be people who pay attention to them. Static advertising is a picture, and oneortwo sentences often can't well express the meaning to be explained, so it can attract less attention, especially in the rush place like the road, the audience glances past, and may not have had time to pay attention to the existence of advertising. Therefore, the advantages of LED pole screen are obvious

national road traffic planning led light pole screen has a promising market prospect

with the continuous progress of the national economy, China's road traffic planning is in full swing. Where there is a road, there is a street lamp, and where there is a street lamp, there is a LED lamp pole screen market

statistics show that by the end of 2016, the total mileage of roads in China had exceeded 5million kilometers, ranking first in the world

the introduction of a new round of national road traffic planning means that there are new forms of street lamp advertising. According to the calculation that there are light poles every 50 meters on the main traffic lines, there are 100million light poles on China's 5million kilometers of roads. At present, the application of LED lamp pole screen is less than 5% of all street lamps. If all the previous light box plane advertisements are replaced by LED lamp pole screen, plus the street lamp position of the new highway, the market prospect of LED lamp pole screen is considerable

with the accelerated pace of urbanization, it can be predicted that in the next few years, in order to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas and drive rural development with cities, China's road traffic planning investment will inevitably increase. 2019 is coming, with the promotion of smart city and smart street lamp construction, the prospect of new product LED lamp pole screen is endless

As a new thing, the LED light pole screen needs to be explored step by step in its initial stage, and a broader development opportunity should be found in the exploration. No matter its own advantages or the infinite market space provided by the national road traffic planning, I believe that led light pole screen can be favored by more advertisers

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