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LED light pollution causes less and less darkness? Global light pollution worsens or increases cancer risk

according to a comprehensive report by Ming Pao in Hong Kong, international scholars analyzed the night photos of the earth taken by satellites and published a study on November 22, pointing out that from 2012 to 2016, the global outdoor artificial light coverage increased by 2% every year, and the night became less and less. Scientists pointed out that "night reduction" has a negative impact on animals, plants and humans

this light pollution study was published in the journal science advances. Researchers used the earth night photos taken by the US earth observation meteorological satellite "soMi national polar but if not changed by insiders, the earth orbit partner satellite" (Suomi NPP). After analysis, they found that the brightness of some of the brightest countries in the world, such as the United States and Spain, did not increase significantly, but most countries in South America, Africa and Asia became brighter and brighter, and only a few countries decreased in brightness, For example, Yemen and Syria, which are plagued by war

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researchers originally thought that the brightness of the isolation building would be reduced in some rich cities and industrial areas because most people switched to LED lights, and satellite sensors could not measure the blue light emitted by LED lights, but the result was that the processing time was short; While thermoplastic polymers are easy to process and reshape quickly, the brightness of the United States has not changed, Britain and Germany have become brighter, which shows that the global light pollution problem is becoming increasingly serious

experts pointed out that light pollution will disrupt the circadian rhythm of animals, plants and humans, may reduce people's sleep quality, and also increase the risk of diabetes, cancer and depression

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