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The LED lamp project with a total investment of 60million in Xingwen County, Sichuan Province has been put into operation.

"the traditional solar LED lamp can be lit normally only when there is sunlight, and the LED lamp we produce can be lit normally as long as there is light. 2. The experimental machine should install the lamp horizontally..." recently, in the factory building of Yibin Branch of Guangdong Xuxiang Lighting Co., Ltd., which has just been completed and put into operation in Xingwen County, The person in charge told the visitors that although some color changing materials are highly mature, the product performance is introduced

this year, Xingwen County introduced Yibin Branch of Guangdong Xuxiang Lighting Co., Ltd., and the company's energy-saving and environmental protection LED lamp project was officially approved in March this year. So far, the company has received orders worth 2million yuan in Sichuan. The total investment of the project is 60million yuan. The first phase rents 2200 square meters of standard plant No. 7 in Xingwen Industrial Park, and introduces LED semiconductor lighting production lines, mainly producing LED tunnel lamps, projection lamps and street lamps. At present, the project has been officially put into operation, and it is expected to achieve sales revenue of more than 20million yuan, tax revenue of more than 1.7 million yuan, and solve the employment of 50 people; The second phase of 10000 square meters plant construction is under preliminary negotiation

led light source

led is mainly composed of semiconductor (chip), electrode and optical system with PN structure. The external power supply applies a positive voltage to both ends of the P/n junction, so that when the energy of current and charge reaches a certain value, electrons and charges at the P/n junction will cross. At this time, electrons and holes combined a few years ago, generating a lot of energy in the process of combination. From the current research, these energy are released in the form of light, that is, LED light source

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