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For manufacturers who use manual folding and binding, whether the operation is accurate and standardized, and even whether the folding method is unified or not, are important factors to ensure the quality of books and periodicals. However, it cannot be ignored that whether the drawing of the layout table paper is accurate or not is also one of the important factors that directly affect the quality of products

according to my work practice, I summarized a method of drawing books and periodicals table paper. After mastering and mastering the key points, I took drawing 64 folio book version table paper on the paper with opposite format as an example: the general error is less than 0.3mm (the internal and external error of the line drawn by a 0.2mm color pen). Now let's introduce it to our colleagues. Those who are interested may as well have a try

1. Necessary tools

(1) more than one split paper wooden drawing board (preferably made into a box, which can store paper to ensure that the paper is flat and can be loaded with some drawing tools)

(2) there are several No. 2 sewing needles, and the needle nose is removed for standby. It is best not to use a pin, because its thickness is uneven and easy to bend, which affects the accuracy of the drawn table paper

(3) a small hammer hard object for the nail needle

(4) a drawing steel needle is used for holing

(5) compass, colored pen, ruler and other necessary tools

2. Making 5. Non operators are not allowed to operate the drop experimental machine at will to make key points

when drawing table paper, take a point from the top to the bottom with the median longitudinal line as the starting reference line, measure the size of either side of the paper, and then pierce the hole with a steel needle at the place where the line needs to be drawn. After measuring, gently nail the sewing needle into the hole where the note is made, and draw the line with the ruler against the needle. After painting one side, turn over the drawing board and paint the other side in the same way. If yes: take the horizontal centerline as the starting datum line, take a point on the left and right, measure the size, nail the needle, and draw the lines of the upper and lower parallel centerline respectively

at this point, a complete and accurate cold and heat shock test book version table paper is completed

3. precautions

the dynamic stiffness experiment can be widely used in scientific research institutes, metallurgical buildings, national defense and civil air defense, colleges and universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries. It is an ideal cost-effective experimental system

(1) when drawing table paper, take the starting longitudinal line of the middle division as the standard, measure the size of one side with the first 50cm of the ruler, record and set the needle, and then draw the line with the full length of the ruler close to the needle. Similarly, turn over the drawing board and measure another size with the first 50cm of the ruler for recording, stitching and drawing lines. In this way, small errors of the ruler can be avoided, and the left and right sides of the drawn table paper can be completely matched with each other to achieve accurate overprint. It is not allowed to measure the size with the full length of the ruler at one time, because the general length is 100cm. The plastic ruler 0-50cm and 50-100cm are also 50cm in length, but there is a little error between before and after the scale engraved on the MM unit

(2) when making a hole, the hole should not be too large or too deep, and it is better to be smaller than the diameter of the sewing needle. In this way, the set needle is easy to be vertical, and the depth is consistent, so that the drawn table paper is accurate

(3) when drawing lines, the ruler should lean against the outside of the nail. After drawing one side of the table paper, another ruler (based on the starting line of the middle Division) should also lean against the outside of the needle. Never draw one ruler against the outside of the needle and the other ruler against the inside

(4) the ruler for drawing table paper should be wider, and the plastic ruler should not be too narrow. If it is too narrow, when drawing lines with the ruler against the needle, it is easy to produce small bending due to the pushing of hands, which will affect the accuracy of table paper

(5) the paper for drawing the table paper of the book version should be thicker, so that once the wrong line is drawn, the wrong line can be torn off with adhesive tape, and the table paper is not easy to break, At the same time, Yibao Martin Martinez said, "this represents an advanced prediction tool.

(6) It is best to use two colored pens or oil pens of different colors to draw the incision line, finished product line and layout center line respectively. Mark the binding method, spine thickness, head, foot, center size, etc. This is intuitive, and it is not easy to misspell when making up. When you pick up the work again, after reading the production worksheet, you can generally find the appropriate storage table paper, and it is not necessary to draw the table paper for each work

(7) the ruler for returning paper should not be the same as the ruler for cutting film. The ruler used for cutting film is used more times, and the ruler will be scratched unevenly by the knife, which will affect the accuracy of the table paper drawn

in my opinion, after mastering the above method of drawing table paper, its accuracy is high, and there is almost no error in overprint, which is better than the method of drawing one side first, folding it in half, and then drawing the other side. There are shortcomings, and I sincerely hope that colleagues in the industry will be elegant and upright

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