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section 1 commodity packaging and its role

I. commodity packaging

(I) the concept of commodity packaging

according to the definition of the national standard "general terms of packaging", commodity packaging refers to the general name of containers, materials and aids used to protect commodities, facilitate transportation, promote sales, and adopt certain technical methods in the process of circulation. It also refers to the operation activities of applying certain technical methods in the process of adopting container materials and auxiliary materials for the above purposes

understand the meaning of tensile strength BASF creationcenter innovation center will provide support in component manufacturing and deformation rate commodity packaging, including two aspects: on the one hand, it refers to the container containing commodities, which is usually called packaging, such as boxes, bags, baskets, barrels, bottles, etc; On the other hand, it refers to the process of packing goods, such as packing, packing, etc

commodity packaging has two characteristics: subordination and merchantability. Packaging is an accessory of its contents; The commodity package is mainly two-point package, which is a special commodity attached to the interior commodity, and has value and use value; At the same time, it is also an important means to realize the value and use value of interior goods

II. The role of commodity packaging

(I) protect commodities

(II) convenient for circulation

(III) convenient consumption

(IV) promote sales

(V) improve commodity value and promote the realization of use value

III. classification and characteristics of commodity packaging

there are many kinds of commodity packaging. The classification and packaging types of common commodity packaging are as follows

(I) classification according to business operation habits

1. Domestic packaging: it is a packaging used to adapt to goods sold in China, which is simple, economical and practical

2. Export packaging: it is used for the international long-distance transportation of goods in order to adapt to the sales of goods abroad. It has higher requirements for protection, decoration, competitiveness and adaptability

3. Special packaging: it is used for handicrafts, fine arts, cultural relics, precision and valuable instruments, military supplies, etc., and the general cost is high

(II) classified according to the links in the circulation field

1. Small packaging: it refers to the packaging that directly contacts the goods, assembles and leaves the factory at the same time with the goods, and forms an integral part of the goods. Many small packages of commodities have designs or text marks, which can protect commodities, facilitate sales and guide consumption

2. Medium packaging: it is the inner packaging of goods, commonly known as commodity sales packaging. Most of them are containers with certain shapes, etc. It has the function of preventing goods from being damaged by external force extrusion and impact, or from being affected by the external environment, such as moisture, mildew, corrosion and other deterioration changes

3. Outer packaging: it is the outermost packaging of goods, also known as transportation packaging. Most of them are concentrated packages of several commodities. There are obvious marks on the outer package of goods. Outer packaging plays a role in protecting the safety of commodities in circulation

(III) classification according to packaging shape and materials

with packaging materials as classification marks, commodity packaging can be divided into paper, plastic, glass, metal, wood, composite materials, ceramics, textiles, other materials and other packaging

(IV) classification according to the protection technology method

taking the packaging technology as the classification mark, commodity packaging can be divided into body fitting, transparent, pallet, windowing, shrinkage, bag, easy to open, spray, cooking, vacuum, inflation, moisture-proof, rust proof, mold proof, insect proof, sterile, shockproof, shading, gifts, collective packaging, etc

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