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Enter the city of green packaging (I)

with the increasing number of "made in China" products, packaging also "rises". Packaging, especially excessive packaging, which leads to a large number of consumption of resources, damage to the ecological environment, increase urban garbage, damage to the interests of consumers and other phenomena, is beginning to be concerned by the whole society. Therefore, after "green products", the term "green packaging" is gradually familiar to Chinese people. What is the real "green packaging"? What kind of waste of resources is caused by packaging waste? What kind of green consumption awareness do we need to establish? Not long ago, experts from all over the country put forward their views at the "China Packaging fortune forum" held by Shanghai International Packaging City, a large domestic packaging CBD

(I) packaging waste "surrounds" the city

hundreds of millions of tons of domestic waste have increasingly become a huge shadow over more than 600 cities in China

"garbage siege" has become a practical problem that Chinese cities have to face

"Beijing's annual garbage can form a garbage mountain covering an area of 500 mu and 40 meters high." Municipal officials from Beijing are figuratively metaphorical

Beijing is just a microcosm. At present, 56 million tons of urban domestic waste are still piled up in the suburbs every year, occupying more and more land. The "cost" of waste treatment is high. The cost of collection, transportation and treatment of each ton of waste in Beijing is 150 to 170 yuan. Nearly 20billion yuan was invested in the treatment of urban waste during the Ninth Five Year Plan period alone

experts said that the fundamental reason for "the growth rate of garbage is greater than the growth rate of the national economy" is that we cannot achieve harmlessness, reduction and recycling in garbage treatment. Because years of practice have shown that "moving" garbage is not the fundamental way out. Only by reducing the amount of garbage that can be "moved", can researchers at Munich University of technology develop a kind of garbage that can be used continuously with fuel, and finally solve the garbage problem

in fact, garbage can be seen everywhere in places that people can reach at ordinary times, such as streets, shops, hotels, railway lines, factories, organs, etc., and a large part of this garbage is packaging garbage

then, how much does packaging waste occupy in urban waste? According to statistics, in the United States, it accounts for more than 35%, and in Japan, it is as high as 45%. The force measurement accuracy of the European community is better than 0.5, and the countries are between 30% and 50%. Although the proportion of China is lower than that of western developed countries, it is at least 15%

limited by recycling technology, a large number of packaging waste, which is abandoned on the spot or in other places without harmless treatment of plastic packaging, has become a major enemy that puzzles cities, threatens human living space and damages human health

(II) "sin" of excessive packaging

in today's commodity economy society, a large number of all kinds of goods are produced. For the needs of circulation, a large number of all kinds of packaging are also used, such as storage and transportation packaging, sales packaging and so on. Packaging has become an indispensable part of commodities. Without packaging, the function of commodity circulation and exchange cannot be realized. Even a few so-called "shirtless goods" cannot be transported and stored without packaging, but without sales packaging. It is no exaggeration to say that without packaging, there will be no goods, and there will be no development of our market economy

therefore, Chenchangjie, President of Shanghai Green Packaging Association, said: "It is not objective to blindly attribute all the sins to packaging. In fact, packaging has also played a great role in the development of market economy in China. People who are a little older must remember that in the 1970s and 1980s, 'first-class goods, second-class packaging, and semi-metallic materials are widely used in the field of brake pad materials, and other prices' caused heavy losses to export goods, especially agricultural and sideline products exported at that time Many 'shirtless goods' in the products have doubled in value after foreign businessmen use exquisite sales packaging, creating rich benefits for them. "

(III) then why does packaging become the target of public criticism in today's "garbage disaster"

experts believe that one of the important reasons for the increasing number of urban garbage is excessive packaging, that is, the high-grade and red tape of packaging materials. A very small thing is packed layer after layer, artificially increasing the weight of packaging garbage, which eventually leads to the dual waste of resources and money. In recent years, the phenomenon of excessive packaging of moon cakes, which has become increasingly fierce in China, is a typical example

some data show that in recent years, some manufacturers and operators have made a big fuss on packaging, and packaging "obesity" is getting worse and worse. In the cosmetics and health products industry, the packaging cost has accounted for 30% to 50% of the cost. In the Shanghai market, the packaging weight of a health product accounts for 96.2% of the total weight

obviously, when the world advocates "putting green on trade" and the trend of reducing harmless "green packaging", excessive packaging is a backward behavior. It not only increases the economic burden of consumers, but also increases the amount of garbage, pollutes the environment, and is a double waste of "money and resources". (to be continued on April 8th, 2015)

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